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Today, many brands globally are incorporating gamification elements in their business apps. App gamification has become a standard feature used as an effective marketing tool today. It has not only improved customer engagement but also fostered loyal relationships. 

App gamification is the process of adding game-like features and activities to an app. The elements hook the customers to your product or service with an aligned business plan. 

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This article discusses how a gamified app can increase user engagement. You will also learn about the benefits that encourage customer loyalty.


What Is App Gamification? 

We can confidently say that app gamification is a new approach in the industry. It involves adding game elements in apps that are not designed for games. The reward systems motivate users to buy specific products or services. Hence, this experience engages the customer and keeps them coming back to enjoy the rewarding thrill. 

Due to its competitive edge and high returns, many organizations have adopted this strategy. You can find app gamification in education, retail, healthcare, and financial sectors. 

How App Gamification Works 

As mentioned above, app gamification entails incorporating gaming features in business applications. You can use gamification to promote your business by offering customer incentives. Apart from customers, your employees can also enjoy the gaming activities. For instance, they can complete certain actions or buy products to earn points. When the users reach a particular goal, they get rewards. It could be discounted prices or freebies. 

You can allow customers to participate through your business app, website, or social media. With many digital platforms available, gamification is now a popular marketing strategy. 

How App Gamification Increases User Engagement 

Let us now explore how gamified apps increase user engagement. 

Behavior Reinforcement  

One of the huge factors that make gamification a successful technology is behavior reinforcement. It is an approach that rewards user behavior after accomplishing certain tasks. It is similar to playing a game and proceeding to new levels as you earn points. When you use gaming elements in your marketing strategy, customers feel more engaged and want to participate to enjoy the rewards later.

Thus, rewarding behavior is quite powerful since it provides a thrilling user experience. Once you give your customers free products after reaching a certain goal, they will return for more action. 

Moreover, you can include contests and challenges with impressive rewards. It will foster strong brand loyalty because of the interactive experience you offer the customers. 

User Control 


When you gamify your business app, you give your customers a controlling feeling. App gamification gives them the freedom to choose and interact with the game without restrictions. 

The customers will explore the game features and decide what they want to play. This allows the users to set their own goals and work towards seizing the rewards. As a result, the customers feel in control and enjoy an exciting gaming experience. 


Competitive Performance 

Another principle behind app gamification is user competitiveness. Many people love competing and thrive in achieving the desired goal. The gaming elements in your business app will satisfy the competitive desire and hook the users.

Once the customers receive a reward for an impressive performance, they will come back and compete again. Or they will want to be the best by outranking other customers playing the game. 

You can increase engagement by introducing score goals with rewards for customers who reach the goal. Health and fitness apps usually have a platform for sharing the best scores for users who attain a specific threshold. The app owners encourage sharing the scores on social media, which boosts brand engagement. 

Visible Growth

The mechanisms of gamification allow users to experience their progress. They can understand where they are in the game level and the remaining section. 

Many people love progress, and this applies to gamified apps. You can implement the growth aspect in your business app, gaining many followers. This approach results in high lead generation because the users will associate your brand with progress. 

Customers experience growth while having an enjoyable gaming experience. You can introduce gaming leaderboards that display the user levels and scores. So, the customer will know how many points they have remaining to get to the top score. 

What’s more interesting is that you can set your company goals and motivate the customers to attain the scores. However, it is essential to set realistic goals to avoid chasing the users away. 

When the users strive to beat the scores, they interact with your brand and enhance positive associations. So, whether the users will claim the incentives or not, the gaming elements will still be useful to your brand identity. 

Gamification Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing, app gamification is more interactive and fun. Many companies use the game approach to gain high user traffic and conversion rates. You can never go wrong in using game-based marketing for your business. 

Gamification marketing attracts users’ attention and keeps them yearning for more. This result is achieved because of the games’ engaging and highly addictive nature. 

Still, the gaming elements must have a direct connection to your business. Otherwise, your game-based marketing campaigns might flop. 

Benefits of App Gamification

Many companies are adding gaming elements into their business programs today. Here are some of the major benefits of gamification:

  • Increases customer engagement.
  • Boosts brand identity.
  • Offers important customer data.
  • Enhances customer loyalty.
  • Foster good relationships with new and existing customers.
  • Offers impressive rewards and customer incentives. 


App gamification is taking the industry by storm. Many organizations are adopting the approach to attract and retain customers. The reward system is effective since users love competing with and getting prizes.

All in all, gamification is a perfect way to increase user engagement and boost lasting relationships. So, ensure you hire skilled professionals to help you build an excellent app for your business.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.