You can now experience the Hyperloop in VR. #VirtualReality #INDG

The Hyperloop is the futuristic travel transportation idea which Elon Musk and Space X came up with to basically shorten travel time,for those who travel long distances yes its an ideal option but we are some time away from it being a reality. But now you can take a look inside the idea in Virtual Reality..

The app now on Android on iOS and free gives you a tour of the pods and a drive inside the transportation system but I felt the ride was a little boring in the app you are going in a straight line but nonetheless its worth a look especially the technical aspects in it.The app gives you a virtual ride from Amsterdam to Paris which would take normally 3 hours to complete but with Hyperloop thats slashed to just 30 minutes..



Sit inside the Delft Hyperloop pod
·         Use the pointer dot to activate different experiences
·         Travel from Amsterdam to Paris at speeds of up to 1200km/h
·         Explore the technology of the pod through exploded views
·         Dive into the levitation, braking and stabilization systems
·         Compare the Hyperloop to plane and train travel


You do not need any controller here but as I always recommend I suggest you use headphones it makes the experience much better in most apps on VR.

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