Recently we spoke to Jon from Stealth VR about their company and today the have announced their ALL NEW VR HEADSET – THE VR200 . The VR200 is coming to Europe and the United Kingdom in Q4 2016.

Jon told us previously on what they have to offer their consumers…

“Following a hugely positive reception to our inaugural product – the VR100 – we have now set our sights on becoming a major player in the Mobile VR arena. At this early juncture, global sales of the VR100 have exceeded all expectations. As well as capturing the imagination of consumers in the UK and key EU territories, the VR100 has taken the Japanese market by storm – particularly in major Electronic Stores such as Yodabashi and Bic Camera. Our unique combination of product and online community support has proved crucial to establishing our brand as one of the leading lights in Mobile VR.”





The greatest selling point of STEALTH VR is our unrivalled online community network and website. Our external product packaging features a QR Code that takes the consumer directly to , where they can sign up instantly for free to the YOUR VR community hub.  This encourages consumers to explore all that STEALTH VR has to offer, instantly, right there in-store. The YOUR VR exclusive members area is updated daily with the latest key VR content. App reviews, embedded videos, tech support, expert columns, guest interviews, news articles and user forums provide members of our online community with everything they need to stay right at the cutting edge of Virtual Reality.

The website’s greatest strength is its mobile compatibility. Each app review contains download links for iOS and/or Android. Furthermore, all videos are embedded directly into our website – one touch of a button and users have instant access to headset-ready VR content.

Today though sees the next product they have to offer VR fans out there this time round its called the VR200 check it out below..






About Stealth VR 

The story of STEALTH VR began back in early 2015. when our Product Development Team set out to completely immerse themselves in all things Virtual Reality. Our vision was to combine Simplicity and quality within a sophisticated and stylish range of products that would have mass market appeal when the time was right to present it to the consumer at retail.

The VR2OO is a premium MobileVR headset designed to give you the perfect VR experience. 42mm lenses give unrivalled clarity to make your virtual experience completely unforgettable. Breathable leatherette eye padding and headband support ensure that the user is comfortable at all times. The folding visor gives full access to both sides of the lenses and the magnetic front panel is detachable for AR and device cooling purposes. Stylistically. theVR2OO is totally unique in cool white with embossed panelling and a choice of either silver or red trim.




Beyond the product itself is your hub at the cutting edge of MobileVR Regular updates. exclusive content,news,videos and app reviews. We keep you completely up to date with the best that the virtual world has to offer.


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  • Compatibility: Works with all smartphones; Android, iOS and Google Cardboard apps
  • Visual Immersion:42mm lenses Opaque visor (with detachable front AR) which blocks out external visual stimuli
  • Audio Immersion: Access port for audio headphone connection
  • Design and Practicality: Stylish with leatherette comfort eye padding, held in place by adjustable stretch headband
  • Maintenance: Cleaning cloth allows you to keep lenses crystal clear
  • Adjustability: Separate focal and lens distance adjustment dials to suit individual preference
  • Power: Access port to allow charging alongside use
  • Demographic: All ages, genders and backgrounds
  • Community: Full support network with expert advice, newsletters, user forums and a constant stream of updates on the latest free content


Having used this headset for a few days we can safely say you will enjoy it,Simple to use and comfortable to wear even for long periods of time it will be a pleasant experience,Padded undersides on the head-strap add extra comfort and stability on the head and using for long periods of time it does not feel weighty..See the video review below for more.




Video Review


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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