#REVIEW – Invivo cardboard VR viewer from @INVIVOcom #VR #VirtualReality

The good folks over at invivo.com has kindly sent us over their own cardboard VR viewer  and we just though we would give you a better look at it and an idea how it operates and what it looks like and how easy it is to set up.

Like any cardboard viewer its a simple process to set up taking a few seconds and you just pop your mobile phone in,What is good about the cardboard viewers is they are not restricting their potential and do not require proprietary devices to use them plus there is a huge amount of apps to try out now which is only going to grow in the coming year.





Check out the app first though….

The combination of INVIVO’s world-class 3D content and technical expertise has created a virtual environment like no other. An immersive educational experience, Bloodstream and CNS Explorer transports you to the interior of a blood vessel or into the CNS to learn about human anatomy from an impossible viewpoint.