Poetic cases have once again sent us out another case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and this time round its the Quarterback case which is quite nice albeit Black it really feels good to hold..

The case firstly does not add any notable bulk to the device but does feel tough in the hand and secure,with microgrips on the back flanking both sides in a vertical strip it does add some extra grip then the TPU side again give you some more and there is a cut running up the rails on both sides and again you can see these present top and bottom giving it a nice feel and look..The case again has most of its good looks on the back but looks elegant from the front..

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When it comes to the keys they where actually great on this case,they are definitive and travel well and not stiff with a nice soft touch they worked perfectly fine,the ports too also generous allowing users to plug in headphones and cables with no problems and again the speaker grille not obstructed at all which stops muffling of sound.Access to the sidebar was no issues nor the home key with the case no obstructing either,The device can be placed either face down or back down with not having to worry about damaging any key parts on the device so again all is good here,the four corners also sports raised bumpers allowing some more protection too which is good.Overall this case does its intended task and feels good to hold in hand and comfortable too and looks well,especially from the back..

You can buy this particular case from Poeticcases.com  or from Amazon,Thanks again to poetic cases for sending us over this case to check out..

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