Peli Products have kindly sent us over a quite nice case to check out for the Samsung Galaxy S7. So here is what we think of it..

Packaging is typical as what most of us are use too,the way it shipped to us was even more impressive which came shipped in a laptop styled box which had me thinking when it arrived wondering what it was.Both sides of the external packaging was layered with foam which was cool…

The case provides all the protection required to simplify the sum up,With superb grip all round my device felt safe in hand at all times,With dual layered protection too shock absorption is present which is a much better option on cases unlike rock solid shells they do not absorb shock in a good manner like gel cases or rubberised cases such as this which has Military Standard 810G and a drop protection of 1.2M

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When it comes to functionality the keys to begin with was good,Great feel and tactility and not stiff at any stage,even out of the box,At times you can get cases that may feel stiff to begin with though loosen up after some usage.Grip was another strong point here with this case with the back consisting of two raised humps if you will at the top and bottom of the case,this felt more secure rather than the traditional flat approach we have become custom too..

The front of the case does offer a lip surrounding the entire front of the screen which means you can place the case face down on any flat surface which many people tend to do,this offers protection of the screen which is of course welcome. The back of the case too also offers protection around the camera area which is more than sufficient which again can be left flat,To add to that the two raised humps lift it again slightly further than what we are use to seeing on the flat backed cases.

On the bottom of course is where our ports are and there is ample room here for easy access for your headphones and Micro USB port not affecting usage and works well,some cases are perhaps somewhat tight in this area and this means you would need to remove the case to charge the device or use certain headphones,this does vary by manufacturer..The speaker cut out was also sufficient and did not muffle the sound experience in anyway..

Overall this case fits the bill and I liked it,it caused me no issues,feels solid and also looks good,One thing with the white backing is how long it stays that way but the material looks like it can take a beating and a damp cloth will remove any scuff marks.

See for a full range of products,there is some really neat stuff there.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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