This is our thoughts on the ULAK Clear case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which the good guys have sent over.Pretty much the same and the S7 is one way to simplify it,it does the job its meant to do in a simple manner with all angles covered,keys worked perfectly fine with good tactility and no stiffness,the camera and flash area has been well sorted here to enabling the user to place the device down on a flat surface without worries on damaging or scraping the lens,the cut outs for all ports are generous too giving easy access to whats required,the only thing here again is the headphone socket which is not too much to worry about if you are not a headphone junkie with dozens to play with.

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The front is where the issue will always be for the S7 Edge due to the dual curved screen,protection is fine for placing the device face down due to the lip on the top and bottom of the case,the sides remain slightly exposed though should you let it fall,also to note you still have access to the side bar panel with no issues here,all works perfectly fine.The case does not add any bulk which some may have seen before from ULAK with the Otterbox approach,this case is sleek and fits like a glove,Being transparent will only give it so much life and it might be something to consider,but for the price you pay its a good case to protect your expensive phone..


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