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Google searches for Sleep are at an all time high. How can I fall asleep faster? Why can’t I sleep? How much sleep do I need? Did I sleep well? are just some of the questions people turn to Google for help with everyday. Google Search trends are telling us that phrases like “sleep,” “sleep apnea” and “night routine” are trending more than ever and with World Sleep Day coming up on the 17th March, here is some Google products and features that can help to create routines for winding down, enjoying a deeper rest and waking up feeling your best.

How your Pixel phone can help you rest undisturbed

Many people keep their phone on their nightstand but with that comes the temptation to  scroll through emails and social media, or check every notification instead of getting some rest. Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7 and Pixel 6a come with features that can help people avoid this. Flip to Shhh puts the phone into Do Not Disturb mode when laid face down, and Digital Wellbeing lets users manage time spent on the phone while setting limits on certain websites and apps. When it’s in Bedtime mode, Pixel can also help people understand the quality of their sleep using AI to analyze audio such as coughs and snores during the night.

How Pixel Buds Pro can tune out the world

Whether it’s bustling city noise or a snoring partner, it can be hard to find peace and quiet when it’s time to wind down. Pixel Buds Pro have Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal to help block outside noise. Pair with Pixel Watch or Pixel Phones for a mindful meditation from YouTube Music in the evening. See our Pixel Buds Pro review and pixel watch strap review and if you need a case look here.

How the Pixel Watch and Fitbit Versa 4 detects personal sleep trends

Pixel Watch and the Fitbit Versa 4 are both equipped with sleep tracking features that are powered by Fitbit’s sleep technology. Combining accelerometer data, heart rate variability (the changes in time between beats) and proven machine learning algorithms, Pixel Watch and the Fitbit Versa 4 can estimate how long people spend in light, deep and REM sleep stages, as well as time awake each night. Users can wake up to their Sleep Score and better understand personal sleep trends so they can experiment and make adjustments that work for them. 

How Nest Hub (2nd Gen) can sense sleep quality
Prefer not to wear a watch to bed? Nest Hub (2nd Gen) with Sleep Sensing tracks sleep without a camera, using a low-energy radar that analyzes movement and breathing. Wake up with gentle sounds and a soft change in light then check out the sleep summary to see sleep length, disturbances like coughing or snoring and whether the bedroom temperature got too low or high.

How Google Home app can automate the bedtime routine

Setting a consistent routine is one of the best ways to improve sleep over time. By creating a Personal or Household routine in the Google Home app, people can cue actions like turning off the lights or the TV at a certain time and playing relaxing meditation music on the Nest Hub (2nd Gen). If the room gets too hot or cold at night, the Nest Hub can be used the following night to make adjustments like changing the temperature on the Nest Thermostat.

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