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OK so we have been testing the Google Pixel 7 some weeks now and it is time to talk about the latest device from Google and it is a device to take note of, I shared my early thoughts here with three days of use but a review after a few days with any phone is simply not a review as I have said before and with this device I think it is fair to say is what is inside is what counts this time around with all the smarts and so on.

Lets start with the build quality and for me it is fine, it is light and yes it is slippy but that camera bar is an aide for you to balance the device and a case will sort out the slippy end of things, the buttons are placed perfectly for me and the screen is nice with minimal bezels on show and for reference there is no scratches or marks on the camera bar yet and for me it feels good in the hand and it is really just a simple design that we have seen before from Google and I am fine with it, the camera bar again is a talking point it suits some and not others and that is just how phones go you either like it lump it or live with it..

Loaded up with plenty of apps it has not slowed down for me and has become more so a tool than a phone per say. Yes I use the camera daily but for me it is the smarts inside that make it a handy tool in my pocket as well as a great point and shoot camera amongst other things and will be my daily driver for the foreseeable future I usually carry two phones daily sometimes three as it is what I do but the main sim card will be in the Pixel 7 and will be staying there until the next offering comes along providing things stay as is now which is great bar one gripe which I will get onto later.

With my reviews I dont waffle on about the specs and just get to it I will l leave a link the the first impressions page which has a lengthy video walking through the device and now that I have used and tested those features I can speak about them and how this phone has been as a main daily driver since that video.

OK being a power user is where I am at, with multiple apps on the go multiple email accounts social media and more it has been fine in that respect no lag no freezing screen and when multitasking this is important and for those who do the same will agree, Pixel devices have been generally fast and worked well for me even down to the 6a which I still use for work and video reviews today however one thing that has been an issue is video processing and the same still applies with the Pixel 7 and i did lean towards the app been the problem but with several devices as my disposal during testing this seems to be still slower than my other phones and identical to the 6a with the speed having tested the same video, most of my recent reviews though have been shot with the Pixel 7 and I will continue to use the phone to do so with the workload I have with case reviews and tech products but overall the results still come out great but the time to process is annoying and probably the only thing I can say that is negative about the phones.



The camera is what most people will know pixel devices for and again we have a great camera and the video is also great, for anyone that wants a point and shoot camera the Pixel is the one to go to get the best shots with little effort and is as a good as the iPhone, yes I said iPhone and being a hater for years I have the 14 pro and have to admit the camera is great but the pixel is half the price lads. Below I have taken some videos and images both day and night so you can be the judge of what you see. It is one of the best camera phones on the market and the only one that gives any user the best point and shoot results time and time again for me and this is from using several phones doing the same shots in my testing and it is noted that the Pixel phones are best in class for this with favourable results in comparison, I am no photography expert and dont get deep into the spiel that comes with it but for a point and shoot camera phone any pixel is it really.

The camera has lots of tricks and the AI does lots of the heavy haulage but the results are great and the tools at hand are too like image blur and my favourite is magic eraser which for me has been a useful tool and I love it especially for work and personal matters, in the work capacity it is great for removing unwanted labels and text and also private information, you be saying you can use the tools already there baked into the camera app but no this works better and is cleaner and looks more natural and it is a super useful tool.


What is inside the Pixel for is is what makes it my daily driver, as mentioned many times before it is the likes of Google lens for example which is the most used feature on my Pixel phones, again point at the target or text in any language you get your results and edit there and then to exactly what you require from the subject I love it and it keeps getting better over time with more accuracy. As my readers know I am a trainer collector and here is a sample of daily use below with a photo taken in a shop and the results there and then right in front of me..

The Pixel 7 has many more features such as the voice recorder which translates in real time which is handy for many purposes such as taking notes and more again a great tool for creators, live playing is also a handy feature for that favourite song you could never remember and of course your smarts in house there is so much to do with little effort which is a good thing and makes keeping your phone in your hand less a good thing alongside your Pixel Watch.

Overall for the the Pixel 7 is a great phone at a great price with AI and the camera being top features on the phone, it makes life simple has a decent battery and looks well too it does not have the 120 hz refresh rate some people bang on about and we are at 90hz on the Pixel 7 which is fine the display is great and fine for media consumption you get wireless charging and your mobile payment options which many use today, the zoom on the camera could of been a bit better .ie further away than some rivals but for what it is it does a decent job and with the cinematic effect now on board it ads to the camera features which is welcome, the Pixel devices can and hopefully will get better but for now remains one of the best phones when it comes to value for money, maybe next time we might get the pro model to check out and I can talk about those devices but for now and the previous models it has been the base model however I am not complaining they are great devices for their asking price.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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