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ICON3, the third generation of the popular ICON bike light series, has now been released after a successful campaign on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in 2021. The campaign smashed its original funding goal, with over £95,000 raised from over 1,200 backers. ICON3 backers and pre-order customers will now be able to get their hands on the light, and experience the increased brightness and smarter features that enable cyclists to attract attention faster than ever on the road. 

ICON3 is 20% brighter than its predecessor. 350 lumen LEDs in the rear and 575 lumen LEDs in the front ensure you can be seen up to 3km away. A combination of CoB (chip on board) and two quality-focused LEDs give you 270° of side visibility, and shine brightly in both daylight and at night-time.

ICON3 is also smarter than ever.  In addition to sensing and reacting to moments of risk on the roads, such as at roundabouts and junctions, ICON3 also comes equipped with a ‘Get me Home Mode’ and ‘Brake Mode’.  It has also further enhanced visibility by automatically adapting to be brighter in the day with our Adaptive Light Sensing Mode and by using randomised flash patterns to help attract attention in our Super Visibility Mode. 

Here is what to expect in the app below but do check the video review for more on that and what the light looks like. The app is simple to navigate and easy to use and has some great features like My Stats etcs and there is an option to share information within a community.

Once setup in the app you are good to go it is a simple process and takes little time to do get connected but be sure to fully charge the light first as it will not connect this happened to me so you need a full charge which is advised in the instructions.

You get all the mounting equipment in the box and literally takes two minutes to attach to your bike however once finished remove it as it can be easily stolen if your bike is not and perhaps a more permanent set up might be an idea going forward but having said that it is fine as is in one way whereby you could share it or if you have more than one bike etc.

With dark nights now in at 4.30pm and dark mornings it is important to light up and be seen however this does not sink in with all cyclists especially food delivery people and the same can be said for those on e-scooters and this could also be used on one of those which is great, you could even attach to your coat or jacket with a bit of thought.


RUNTIME: 15hrs on Reactive Flash
MOUNTING: Quarter-Turn Mount


Video Review


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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