We test many cameras here at tech buzz be it indoors or outdoors we have tested plenty of them and still use today of course which is important for the safety and security of your home, you can catch what is coming from the outside first then if the unfortunate case happens the inside and video doorbells are a good start along with other security products and having cameras on the outside is a deterrent and a good place to start.

What if you want to get that bit deeper and spy on someone, well there is plenty of cameras out there now costing little and some that cost lots and here we have had one in to try called the WIWACAM MW5 that costs aorund 50 euros and in this case you get what you pat for despite all the platitudes on site and after my testing I would say it is OK for the money, they have a good app and it is easy to use and all that however the final quality of downloads etc has much to be said for as well as the speech keeping up for the video, having tested this on both Android and iOS the same results came through. They claim the following on the product.


Resolution: Snapshots: 4K Resolution Live video: 2K Resolution Recordings: 2K Resolution
This camera offers True 4K/2K resolution. We take a look at the app below and of course we go through it in the video review with video footage day and night so you can decide for yourself is it worth the purchase, what I do like is the side and it has a standalone battery and is very portable and if it something you could use to catch someone in the act or whatever the case maybe it will do the job but just how good  the results can be. They also do kindly note the MW5 lens is not set for close range shooting for closer than 12 inch. The MW5 is suitable for indoor surveillance and optimal for distances between 20inch and 23feet.

The App


The specs

  • Mini Size, 4K Ultra HD, 130° wide angle, Night Vision by State-of-the-art IR LED design (up to 20feet)
  • Setup in 1-min, Easy Use. Just scan QR code, then check camera video no matter anywhere anytime (internet required on phone)
  • Smart Alarm Detection with Detection Zone, Detection sensitivity adjustable
  • Continuous Recording and other options. Camera support Recording with no WiFi or no internet, like in car , camp or vocation home.
  • 800mAh built-in battery and other options. Plug the camera to a USB power adapter for long-term running/recordings.


Video Review



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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