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VR was once a thing then died off over the last few years, I was a huge fan and had a huge collections of headsets from all brands and still today have some here which have not been really used that much in fairness, I remember when VR was a thing and we covered lots of news and headsets then I just seemed to fade away. Here is the thing though it has been still growing in the background for different applications with some companies but as for the consumer end a different story, I have from time to time took a headset out and this one was in a different league a the time which was for education and was really cool from Veative VR and I was lucky to test this here in Ireland and the only one to do so.

Sony has a new VR headset coming out next year which I can’t wait for and it is welcome in my book and hopefully add to the revival of VR AR and of course we await something from Apple pretty soon to which some will say it will kickstart the industry just like their 5G phones didn’t and we all know how 5G is at the moment, depending where you reside of course but as for Ireland it has not been a hit and will not be for some time yet and event though 5G phones at the start where expensive and far and few between that has changed but the uptake in 5G has not and I wonder if the same thing will apply here for Augmented and Virtual reality.. Point being sony made it a bit more affordable for those to access a great VR experience but has so much wires and set-up a pain but was a step up from what Samsung offered and Sony already had hardwear out there for millions to access and cheaper than the other high end offering s back then like HTC VIVE for example.

I still have my note 4 and the Samsung Gear VR headset today, Samsung did it really well with not having to have an expensive system to drive it  (if you had a compatible phone that is) and was affordable which is akin to this headset which just requires a Facebook account to login which some sniff at but ask the same some do they use social media at all which is hypocritical all the same but having said that I get it when it comes to data but as it always has been and will be for the foreseeable future YOU are the product like it or not and of course if you choose to use such hardware and we all know how Facebook do things.

So for me I have two Facebook accounts and chose my websites one to use the device and login etc I did have an Oculus account before obviously with Samsung VR and did not care, today though a different matter. Data is a big thing but you are the product and that is a fact end of story..

Anyway moving on this headset I have a while and have been to busy with work the site and personal matter to actually test this out so I had some time to have a quick look and test it out recently and I like what I see apart from paying for lots of content, it has took me back to the Samsung VR times and would rate this headset slightly better considering you do not need any additional expensive hardwear just to run it, will the novelty wear off? Give me a few weeks and let me see and if it is worth the near 500 euro price tag to buy and ask any questions you might have over on the YouTube channel where we give you a hands on approach and not the lazy stock image one with no context as there is many today who still have not even tried the VR experience and even now I have showed some friends and they have been impressed but some felt dizzy.

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