I am a big fan of VR and also AR but over the last few months the VR industry has seemed to take a bit of a nosedive when it comes to VR content which is sad to see as it was gaining traction but hopefully that will change in the coming months.

Over the last year or so there has been several MEDICAL VR apps to hit the stores which are an excellent idea and ideal for those whom are in the industry we have special access to some apps and are looking at some as we speak and this idea from Veative Labs is one such great idea when it comes to education and hopefully we will see more like it in the coming months.

Check out what the headset looks like in our unboxing 

This may look like your typical headset but its far from it,the personal model will be available in September this year and you will be in for a treat.. The headset has all the features you would expect to find on the more advanced ones such as gear VR but there is much more going on inside and more features on the outside plus you get a remote to navigate and participate in programmes in the apps provided.

Another difference here NO DEVICE is required which is good in one respect but you do need to charge the headset itself, after a few minutes setting this up via the instructions it will look like your standard layout but here is where the magic begins going beyond, You can ad your own apps from the playstore for instance and the experience here does not drop compared to other VR head offerings,in fact it might be even a bit better, There is a lot of technology going on under the hood and if remove the plate on front like you would on headsets you would understand a bit more.

So whay exactly is this then..

Veative – is an educational VR company and they launched their all-in-one VR solution at the show. It comes complete with a wireless controller and a built-in mobile device – eliminating the need for a separate mobile phone or need to purchase a controller.

They’ve adapted VR technology and designed it specifically for use in educational and training environments. Its modules are interactive, easy to use, and enable student-centered learning, that reinforces any science or mathematics curriculum. They launched 300 modules across Biology, Maths and Physics for secondary school.

In the app you have multiple choices on what subject you want to take a task on You will be presented with a Dashboard from here you can then go forward a choose subjects..

You can join the lab, and self-study in here you can then select subjects available see images below for what is optional for the user right now. Below are some examples as this is still not publicly available yet and will be soon..

On these exercises you will be given training prior and objectives and so on then you can begin your task and really its about memory but also the workings of such,especially the heart and then you get to start the heart up, Medical would have been my favourite choices here being honest but its worth a look at all the options at hand, With the skeleton for example you are given a task to find the coffin,find the bones missing and place them in the coffin in their respective places and there is some false bones thrown in for good measure, Also which makes in interesting is that you a timed on all occasions so you can keep at it and repeat tasks should you fail and watch yourself improve over time.

Veative launches pioneering all-in-one virtual reality headset for education

Veative’s innovative VR Learn solution comes pre-loaded with high-quality content that aligns to curriculums and slots neatly into the classroom – supporting teachers in delivering more engaging and effective lessons. With 300 modules launching at Bett today, Veative will develop 1000 by mid-2017 and 1500 by the end of the year. Currently available in biology, chemistry, physics and maths, all modules can be easily adapted for any language and any curriculum. They include 3D models, 360-degree videos, tasks, exercises, simulations and other interactive activities, all complemented by smart analytics and classroom management apps for teachers.

 A global expert at fusing technology with education for immersive, interactive learning, Veative has adapted VR technology and designed it for use specifically in educational and training environments. The wireless controller completes the package and enables true interactivity with VR objects and subjects – bringing learning to life for today’s digital-savvy students.

 “There’s been an explosion in VR for the events and gaming sectors and we fully expect 2017 to be the year that VR really takes hold in education,” predicts Ankur Aggarwal, CEO of Veative. “But VR in education needs to go beyond the current basic virtual tours. Our Veative Learn VR headset, loaded with our quality content, is interactive, immersive and engaging – making it extremely effective in enhancing the teaching experience and bringing learning to life.”

Having spent some time with this and not as much as I would like to due to workload right now this certainly is one fantastic idea and really gets you stuck in and involved,try teaching this in a classroom and heads would stray but with this headset on ALL STUDENTS would be locked in and no distraction and being physically involved in each subject with interactive scenes you will pick up and learn faster and much more than in an open space its a really great idea and I cant wait to see what has to come in the future and anyone with kids who are tech savy,(they do not have to be either) should look at this and so should all schools because you will soon see results via this form.

About Veative

Veative Labs is a new partnership between Piron Corporation and Almotahida Education Group, both established experts in developing high-quality digital educational tools and content. Veative provides a pioneering mix of 3D, virtual and mixed reality products to enhance and enrich learning for students around the world. With a global team of 200 and growing fast, Veative embraces new-generation VR technology fused with high-quality content to create the finest immersive learning experience. Veative is based in Singapore, with offices in India and the UAE. For more, visit www.veative.com.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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