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There is several devices to drop by over the next while but a new brand has landed today and some may be familiar with the name ZTE they make really cool devices and I always will remember one phone the had that had a projector built in called the ZTE spro at one of the IFA conferences some time ago back in Malta. Skip a few years and the brand has really come up in the ranks but not sold on the Irish market like many brands abroad would.

We have one of their latest phones to check out over the next few weeks and will be taking it on a trip to do a vlog very soon and I look forward to seeing how those cameras perform alongside the device as a whole and form having it a few days now it is certainly a powerhouse and for a power user it is right up my street so far.

You can check out more on the device here but today we take a first look at the device and go through the UI and see what is on offer and there is plenty on offer on this phone between the display the refresh rate the batter and the camera features and it will be interesting to see how this does as a daily driver for a while, I do carry two devices most of the time now and it can be a pain but hey it is all fun and great to see and test what is on offer and we will have more on this phone over the coming weeks so if you have any questions feel free to ask as usual.

Unboxing and Walkthrough Video



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