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The Huawei Mateview 4k monitor is their latest piece of kit to hit the market and having something like this has been a no go in my home for some time now but since I have go a specialised desk which a review of that will be coming soon this may just fit the final finish of my setup at home which I am eager to get done quickly in the new year so I need to decide if one or two screens will be enough working off two laptops, one is a chromebook though which for me is essential and less of a resource hog as windows is just a PITA and I use the Windows laptop for very little these days being honest.

The screen is fantastic on this also with this is noticeable immediately alongside your laptop I tested with both my chromebook and Matebook X pro which is also a superb machine considering it is windows and given I hate windows it ran pretty fast on the Matebook X pro compared to some of my own laptops here which I took out of retirement to compare and hands up I was impressed with. One of my laptops did cost over a grand and it was a much faster machine and not old and I just got a dislike for windows in general but using the Matebook X pro kinda made me think even spending that kind of money on a laptop you expect pretty much top tier performance in fairness.


Product specs 

  • Ultra-HD 28.2 inch ‘Real Colour’ display. With a super wide 94% screen to body ratio sub 10mm ultra thin screen. 1.07 billion colours at your disposal providing cinema-level colour gamut. 

Touch Controls 

For fast and intuitive control,Mateview provides you with the Smart Bar, Use your finger to conveniently control MateView functions and settings via the all-new Smart Bar. No need for physical buttons, just swipe, tap and experience a simpler, more intuitive way to interface with your monitor. It’s as easy as: 

  • Confirm: tap once 
  • Back: tap twice 
  • Volume control: swipe with one finger 
  • Input source: swipe with two fingers

Wireless Phone and Device Projection 

Simply tap your Huawei phone to the MateView base and instantly see your phone display on the big screen. Desktop Mode creates an exact representation of your phone’s home screen in desktop format. Use all your apps, access photos, and edit files with ease using the mouse and keyboard and have all changes automatically saved to your phone. Your phone world just got a whole lot bigger. 

Connect to even more potential. Wirelessly project your laptop screen onto HUAWEI MateView in full HD to enjoy low-latency data transmission and barely noticeable image lag or blur. What’s more, you can sync up your tablet to act as a sketchpad for your MateView design projects. Make work a walk in the park and share your vision on the big screen. 

Workflow much easier on larger 4k screen

Eye Comfort Mode 

Working late or have tired eyes? Mateview comes equipped with TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and Flicker Free certification for added eye comfort. 

Screen Performance 

Ultra fast 60Hz refresh rate allowing for super smooth video playing. 

Elegance and adaptability 

Discover balance in your work and home space with Huawei MateView, thanks to its perfectly proportioned screen-to-stand construction. The screen and stand are connected via a durable, precision-engineered stainless steel hinge that allows you to alter elevation and angle with just the push of a finger. Angle your monitor through -5 to 18 degrees with up to 110mm in elevation change. 

Mechanism on rear for adjustment


Dual Speakers and Dual Microphones 

Summon a wave of sound through the dual-speaker system incorporated within the stand. The impressive power of the high-voltage amplifier builds from the large sound cavity to provide strong, deep bass sounds that surge from below. And the built-in dual microphones dampen ambient noise, while enhancing the clarity of your voice, to ensure what you say is never drowned out. 


Port Layout 

Maintaining simplicity in design and function, ports are located to the side and back of the stand for fast, easy access. Connect a multitude of devices and accessories via the USB-C,

2 x USB-A, HDMI and MiniDP interfaces, and hook up to power through USB-C. 

Ports galore
Ports galore

Streamline your work environment with the single, multi-purpose USB-C port, built into the side for optimal access. Link up to every kind of audio and video equipment, plus all your other devices for incredibly fast file transfers and reverse charging capabilities. Simplify your connections, amplify your efficiency. 

The Huawei MateView monitor was sent to us to review the company did ask for a preview of the video, there was no monetary payment or input.

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