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Projectors are popular and the market now caters for it rather well when it comes to choice and price however in the projector market it is really a get what you pay for sceen for the most and this is down to several things like Screen size, lumens and features, most projectors have got a built in store to download apps whereas this one does not but on another note it has features that others don’t so it is really down to the consumer and what they want to get from a projector.

OK so you might panic and wonder how this works with no store on board, most projectors have a store such as the Google store and the majority with have the Aptoide store which has the same and probably more in offerings for apps as I have found many apps will not work with Google on Projectors but the aforementioned store does all third party apps to work and they work well, I have both these instances at home on my projectors so I can see it from both sides here.

How does it work then

If you have a phone or tablet you can simply cast your device, ok so you may have to give up a phone to cast so if you had a spare phone about here is where to use it, it also has ports on the rear to support just about anything so PC or games consoles work with no problem at all it is a simple plug and play and that is it, you select what source from the home screen menu just like you would a standard tv these days and job done.

The Size

This is a big projector but not huge like some can it is portable and works with bluetooth and WiFi so it can be used anywhere and once you have a connection you simply connect and again plug in any console or connect any phone, it is that simple, this is on the larger size though but not that big it can’t be managed it is in the middle you could say when it comes to projector size, My main 4K projector would be considered small.

The picture

Ok so what you need to look out for in projectors is lumens, in tech speak that is the light emitted from the projector and how bright it is this is a key factor you may often also see ANSI lumens or Lux brightness, all this may confuse people and these terms can be used to fool people so do your homework, in this instance the terms used are in a good manner and it is a brighter screened experience than most at this price point which is good to say.

There is no auto focus or keystone here but you have two controls on the lens to do that and is a small price to pay for such caveats in fairness, the picture quality is rather good and again better than most of the chinese imports you tend to find or even some known brands you may find locally here in Ireland for up to 500 euro or so. You can get up to a 200 inch screen but 100-120 is for the best result.

Is it worth the money

Well to be fair and honest this one is. You can see the set up and samples below in the review so you do not have to struggle on setting up if you do decide to pick one up, there is screen brightness settings on board this which is omitted from many others at a higher price and certainly lower which gives it the advantage and given there is no store on board it works well with either your phone or consoles connected regardless and it is simple to use.

The sound

The sound is decent enough though this depends on the source and there may be some distortion at maxed out volume, you can listen to music too which is good. You can attach external speakers to really change the game which I would suggest anyway.



  • ❤【Wireless & Bluetooth & Dolby Pro Support】Via 2.4G/5G WiFi connection, the Bluetooth projector can mirror movies/videos/photos/games from your iOS or Android device to big screen( No extra adapter needed). Based on Bluetooth CSR5.1 connection, the portable projector can wirelessly connect to external speakers or Bluetooth earphones/earbuds. Also the Dolby pro audio improves the acoustic fidelity of the movie projector for indoor or outdoor use.
  • ❤【Native 1080P FULL HD& 8500 Lux Brightness】Adopt the upgraded LCD 180 ANSI lumens or 8500 lux technology, Toperson YG421 native 1920 x 1080P HD projector with the true 1000:1 high contrast provides 90% higher brightness than other 1080P projectors. The outdoor projector particularly adopts multi-layer optical films and high-quality glass to reduce reflections and increase light transmission, thus allowing this portable HD projector to display sharper images without blurring.
  • ❤【Keystone & Zoom & Cooling System】 Via the zoom 75%-100%, Keystone ±15%, and 44”-140” inch display size(1.5-4.5m distance)(The best view screen size is 80-100″) makes the projector easier to adjust the screen get the best viewing angle and viewing size with correcting the keystone and adjusting the focus from this marvelous portable projector. Adopt the newest cooling system, the phone projector has a fast heat dissipation, making it cool down quickly even after a long-time use and less noise.
  • ❤【Multiple Devices Connection & Hi-fi Stereo Speaker】Equipped with 1*HDMI, 2* USB, AV, AUX, VGA ports, Toperson YG421 home theater video projector can properly compatible with Laptop, TV Box, Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, PC,Tablets, external speakers,USB Flash Drive, Xbox, PS3, PS4, PS5, Media players, Smartphones, IPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, etc. With 3W stereo speakers, even without external speakers, the led projector is able to enjoy the music smoothly.


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