Zhiyun crane M2S gimbal

The kit came in a great looking package, a case with numerous accessories, without the bag a high potential to lose all the parts. The bag facilitates the carrying of additional items in the case.  The gimble is designed to allow it to use its motor and sensors to ensure the camera is supported and stabilised to ensure video footage is smooth and stable even when on the move.  The kit is stolid to allow weight cameras from a variety of the major brands to work. The OLED display while small allows the setting visible.



  •       Small Size Strong Power Crane-m2s is super light yet strong enough to hold various cameras, like your phones, action cams, and mirrorless cameras. The 549g super lightweight body, combined with stronger motors and extended axes, makes it a must-have for run-and-gun filmmakers
  •       Power up FastSupports PD Fast Charge protocol. Charging time can be minimized to 1hr 41min. Runtime up to 10hrs
  •       Extra Bright In Tiny LightThe integrated fill light adopts outstanding lumen amplifier technology to offer 1000 lumens of brightness in a 2.8c㎡ light source. The adjustable 5-level light and 4-color filters give you unlimited possibilities of creation in various filmmaking environments next-level quick release
  •       Unleash Your Creativity Various shooting modes available: Pan Follow, Follow, Lock, POV, Vortex, Go, etc
  •       Next-Level Quick ReleaseCRANE-M2S comes with the newest quick-release plate that’s only seen on Zhiyun flagship gimbals. It features a V-shape design and dual safety locks which ensure utmost safety and efficiency. You could also choose to upgrade to a universal balance-free quick release plate for run-and-gun scenarios



  •       1xZhiyun Crane M2S Gimbal Stabilizer
  •       1x Mini tripod
  •       1x Fill light filter
  •       1x EPP carrying bag
  •       1x TypeC to Micro Camera Charging Cable
  •       1x TypeC to TypeC Camera Charging Cable
  •       1x TypeC to USB cable



The manual and marketing advise  easy  “ Easy Setup – Get Ready Anytime” Quick depending on your view of Quick, don’t expect to get operational within 1 hour, this is not due to the setup, but rather to understand how the kit works, download the software, connect to Bluetooth and calibrate the unit. The manufacturers manual as supplied has limited info with the main website as a marketing tool. This does give a full video on the Button introduction and installing and balancing.

The setup is crucial to the use of the gimble, which can involve the use of the App ZY Play in terms of calibration and the mechanical mounting and balancing on the unit.

The setup required various adjustments depending on the product type and weight of the unit and requires to be balanced to ensure the motor does not burn out which can be confusing. This is paramount to spend time on this balancing as if not done correctly can cause various issues afterwards.


  •       Pan Follow mode (PF): The tilt axis and roll axis motors are locked, and the camera rotates with the handle while panning horizontally. Push the joystick up/down to control the tilt axis angle, and push it left/right to control the pan axis of the camera.


  •       Follow mode (F): The roll axis motor is locked, and the tilt axis and pan axis motors follow the rotation of the handle. Push the joystick up/down to change the tilt angle of the camera and left/right to change the horizontal orientation of the camera.


  •       Point of View mode (POV): All three motors move when the handle is rotated.


  •       Vortex mode (V): The tilt axis motor rotates upward by 90° , and the tilt axis, roll axis, and pan axis motors follow the rotation of the handle. Push the joystick to the left/ right to control the rotation of the pan axis. How to Use CRANE-M2 S


  •       Go mode (GO): The roll axis motor is locked, and the tilt axis and pan axis motors quickly follow the rotation of the handle.


Compatible :

The crane can be used on a variety of cameras of various sizes and weights.  This includes the main brands on smartphones, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy,  Huawei, Xiaomi or traditional cameras from the Sony, Panasonic   Nikon, Fujifilm and the GoPro HERO. Connection with a smartphone mount is included while action camera accessories need to be purchased separately.

Warranty:1 year


The CRANE-M2S is solid with excellent accessories and response to the buttons, The kit is required to be set up and balanced on initial use but changing from 1 unit to another again required the kit to be balanced. This balancing time with practice can be reduced with experience and the use of the quick release. This setup for each time the kit is used is by far the biggest niggle, It does work, but a novice could take an hour to get an understanding of the levers and adjustments. During this time errors in terms of zzz and axis, often come up. There is little in the way to advise on the messages rather than trial and error until balanced correctly. Again changing a camera when familiar required the balancing to be done, this can be reduced down to less than 5 minutes if used constantly but again take practice and experience to set up.

Once operational the operations are smooth, the button reactive logically, and the app works as expected with the quick mounting screw a real possible allowing for a large range of compatible units from the main brands, Overall a great product for the budding amateur to provide stable footage while on the move.


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