The founders of Lumonitor have long been present in the audio-visual industry and have contributed to some of the major developments in portable device technology. Now, they’ve come together to launch their own product with the help of backers on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Their new product is called Lumonitor. It’s a portable touchscreen monitor with 4K resolution, hi-fi speakers, and a built-in power source that allows users to operate the monitor much like a stand-alone tablet.

Lumonitor features innovative technology at the cutting-edge of the industry which puts it far and above the options currently on the market.

“Lumonitor stands alone among portable monitors,” commented Annie Lawson, a Lumonitor engineer. “It blurs the lines between monitor and tablet. You can use it with your computer, with your phone, or with nothing but a Fire Stick or USB drive. Lumonitor is packed with premium productivity and entertainment features, and it comes in a smaller package and at a significantly lower price than a tablet.” Lumonitor is accepting backers now on Kickstarter and

Lumonitor hopes to connect with Kickstarter’s base of tech enthusiasts to build a market for their product. While they admit they don’t have the resources to compete with giants like Samsung and Apple, they believe that their superior product will turn enough heads.

Lumonitor is slimmer, lighter, and more powerful than any portable monitor of its kind. The 15-inch screen has 4K Ultra-HD resolution for cinematic visuals. And the built-in hi-fi speakers are louder and clearer than other monitors, making Lumonitor ideal for presentations at work and on-the-go entertainment.

Lumonitor is incredibly easy to use. It is universally compatible with any device or operating system, (including computers, smartphones, and gaming consoles) and it connects instantly without the need for apps or setup.

Users can connect their device by using one of Lumonitor’s many ports: 2x USB, HDMI, Micro-USB, 3.5mm AUX.

The most unique aspect of Lumonitor is its built-in power source, which allows the device to transfer power via HDMI. The company claims that this allows users to unplug and use the monitor like a tablet. By connecting a Chromestick, Fire Stick, Roku, or another digital media player, Lumonitor can be used independently of any other device.

When you choose to use Lumonitor with a phone or laptop, its built-in battery will charge your devices as you work, watch, or play (much like a power bank).

Additional features of Lumonitor include:

– True LED backlighting
– 2x screen brightness compared to other monitors
– PinPoint touchscreen technology for a rapid response rate of <10ms
– Eye protection: anti-glare, anti-blue light, and anti-flicker

Lumonitor is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Early backers will have the opportunity to claim perks such as special discounts and bundle offers. Learn more at and become a Lumonitor backer today!

About Lumonitor Labs

Lumonitor Labs is an audio-visual innovator and product development brand. It was founded by engineers and entrepreneurs in the audio-visual field with a background in OEM/ODM monitor manufacturing. The founders no longer wanted to support the labor practices of giant tech companies. They believe that by taking their innovations directly to the people, they can produce superior technology in a more sustainable way.

One way they envision doing this is by launching products with the help of crowdfunding. This allows for the acquisition of capital before the wide release of a product, providing the means to streamline production and pay fair wages.

Lumonitor Labs’ first product is Lumonitor, a 4K touchscreen monitor with a built-in power source. Lumonitor is hoping that its product will find support among tech lovers on Kickstarter and help to create a new business model of sustainable practices within the tech sector.

To support Lumonitor and get a 4K portable monitor for 50% off the retail price, visit.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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