The Zendure Passport 11 pro is classed as a travel adapter with power to connect 5 devices at a time, 3 traditional USB A ports, 1 USB C port and a side USB C for charging e.g. 13” MacBook Pro and an AC Outlet which can take a variety of plugs. The adapter has no loose parts ( which is great to prevent losing over time )
The design allows the pins to be lengthened as required to the local country use which has a protective Press and Slide”button to ensure non-slippage. The Passport 11 pro has no internal battery ensuring this can be carried on as hand luggage on a plane if required.
The types of plug used are listed on the plugs e.g. the USA . Australia etc.

Power rating: of 61 Watts is impressive
Note: The travel charger doesn’t convert AC voltage. Typically electric shavers, electric toothbrushes are multi-voltage but Techbuzz would recommend checking in advance if the local voltage matches your electrical item. ( Phones, tablets etc are generally ok )

Intelligent Safety Measures
The Passport II Pro adopts a child-proof shield to ensure the AC outlet is only used for plugs to prevent young children from getting hurt.

The manufactures quote works in over 200 countries, but as with many travel charges accessories get lost due to the design of various add on, the Zendure Passport 11 plus does not suffer from this problem not having any removable parts. While listed as a Travel charger Zendure are missing out on a key use, using at home/office as the abundance of connections is great for a family or those with multiple devices. The option to have various products connected without the loss of a pass-through plug is great.
The 61 Watts is impressive but I would not recommend using a piece of traditional electrical equipment as the Passport 11 plus has a rating of 220 V @ 2500W, while some Electrical kettle has a higher power draw. A quick check on the product would advise. In the event you ignore the manufactures power rating this comes with an Auto-Resetting Fuse which will ensure not to destroy the adapter.
A gem of a tech gear product, highly recommended. Note: Passport II Pro was launched on Kickstarter ON June 29th

Power 6 Devices Simultaneously
5 USB ports (2 USB-C & 3 USB-A) + 1 AC outlet, power six devices at once. Compatible with laptops, smartphones, tablets, Nintendo Switch and other devices.

Worry-Free to Travel Over 200 Countries
Passport II combines US, UK, EU, AU plugs in one design. You can use it in over 200 countries and regions.

10A Auto-Resetting Fuse for High Power Devices
2500W Max, 10A current AC output under the protection of auto-resetting fuse, worry-free to use high power devices. Utilizing aerospace technology, the auto-resetting fuse (patent pending) allows Passport II to recover from overloads without service or replacement up to 10,000 times.

Smaller, Even More Powerful
Passport II adopts GaN technology, providing 61W Power Delivery in smaller size & cooler operation temperature & higher efficiency.


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