PayPal email scam to watch out for in Dutch. #PayPal #Scams #Phishing

Last November I was the tatget of an elaborate paypal scam which Paypal had to investigate due to the numerous emails I got within the space of a few days which was dealth with eventually by the company, Now there is another one to keep an eye out for only this time comes in Dutch via email claiming there is unpaid fees to be paid and will limit my account Dutch would be a language not used often in phishing scams.

Once again this is a replica page that is trying to get your details and should be avoided and reported to Paypal straight away at Again these scams are not new but they change tack and can still catch people out so beware. On the opening text you see

Account Service heeft u een betaalverzoek gestuurd

translates to –  Account Service has sent you a payment request. 

quote After a review your account has been limited due to unpaid fees, please pay this invoice to cover your unpaid fees and remove this restriction permanently.


It claims I owe them 6.75 USD and then gives you a link to pay it and as mentioned looks genuine as seen above, Of course it is just out to get easy money in small doses but if you fall for it you have just handed over all your login information which is what they aim to do.. Remember to report the mail by forwarding it to We will see what they have to say about this one..

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  1. Same thing in Seattle USA. Added an alias to an existing PayPal account, used it for a few transactions. Got this same invoice within a week of activating alias.

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