Very elaborate PayPal scam to be vigilant about. #Paypal #Scams

Over the last week I have been hammered with emails pertaining to PayPal and it has gotten way out of hand but this is a good scam with a good replica of PayPal itself throughout. I do have a PayPal account under my personal email account which is not in the public domain but nothing related to the email address for the site. Yes the tech email is out there and yes we get hammered with scams all the time offering the usual 5 billion dollars from Besnons desk and so on and much more but this is pretty much the norm these days for such people out there in the media with your public email available to all.

It has got that bad no I have a pain in my backside with the amount of emails I have got in the last week requesting payments and limiting my account and I have tried to block such and they keep coming and each time they have a different billing number I am now up to bill 28 plus I have had several emails claiming my account is restricted.

I have got in touch with PayPal over this and send them a full dialogue of what has been happening over the last week and awaited their response but they of course hit back with the standard affair of what you need to do and how to spot fakes which is fine but this time around this is more elaborate with secure encrypted pages showing and this is where people will get caught out and think all is fine and dandy when it is far from it.

I have left all image samples here for all to see what you need to look out for so you can see what we are dealing with and to keep an eye out for I am waiting for PayPal to come back to me with a report as I had a discussion with them today via Twitter. This might not be news to some folk out there but here is what you can look out for to get some idea of what we are dealing with.

PayPal have responded with the following and have also got back to me via email on this. You can also report and check what to watch out for HERE 

Hey! I completely understand your concern. Please forward the email’s to We continuously work to disable these emails and websites and review all submissions sent to We work to shut down fake websites, and our fraud teams work to identify and prevent fraud before it occurs. We also work with law enforcement around the world to stop online criminals.

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