I have been using the MX 2s mouse over the last few months and it simply something I should have been using long before now, Why? I use laptops mostly and got into the routine of using the typical track-pad on them and just got stuck in my ways as you do, The chance came up to check out the MX 2 several times and I did not bother but finally gave in as I have changed my set up at home and having the need for one albeit no my main office driver but when I finally gave in and decided to use it on my laptops things changed rather quickly plus I could switch from one to the other on the fly and how fast things could be done with it just has me sold since..


There is some changes from the 2S which I have mentioned in the above video and one for the better is USB-C charging which with a one minute charge gives you 3 hours use and this is fast charge and a full charge will last  you 70 days, I cant confirm that duration yet but from using the 2S i can put money on it but again it depends on the individuals use.



The set up is the same as before with your bluetooth dongle and then you have software to edit the buttons on the mouse and here is where you can enhance productivity by assigning keys as you could before. The wheel this time is faster with a slight design change and for those who like to scroll through things its a joy at how fast this can move. My use case for the mouse would differ than others so I am speaking of my use case scenario here with some office work,blogging and a bit of gaming, Not a massive PC gamer fan by any means but tested some on it just to see how it compares to your typical boring mouse and it is a productivity enhancing tool you need in your daily carry, I take mine with me everywhere on meeting and trips.

Sitting in hotel lobbys/conference rooms or at meetings people often ask why use a mouse with a laptop and I invite them to try and each and everyone where amazed at how fast things are and walk away impressed and many I know have actually bought one since and thanked me, I do tend to show people the tech I have with me when I out and about but its what most expect anyway being involved with a certain circle of clients and friends anyway and they would be disappointed if I turned up empty handed which never happens.

The ergonomics on the MX3 has changed ever so slightly too and button placement but if you want to buy the old one cheaper I would not say no but if this is your first such mouse just buy the MX3 and get off with the latest,things are pretty much the same coming from the older one but some slight changes you can easily adapt too. The scroll wheel has (MagSpeed) electromagnetic resistance and is great and will take time to get use to it if you have not used one, you can just flick the wheel let it go or manually glide through, you will soon work out how it works and it it seems to be a bit more quite than the 2S, 2S owners will notice more so than a newcomer the ratchet sound is not as loud..



As mentioned you can customise the keys and there is custom set ups ready to use I am not a heavy office or spreadsheet user or use specific programmes I have a clean PC mostly using Google docs etc but you can have and avail of custom set ups or tweek presets for the likes of Office and Adobe.

You can use Flow which allows you to connect multiple devices which is very handy I have two set ups in my house one with two laptops and one with a laptop and monitor add on so I can easily connect and move files from one to another and again switch between rooms, I have a set up downstairs and upstairs but soon having a new custom office built for work to take place in one room but as mentioned I have the software on all and can easily switch and change between device and go upstairs or downstairs and get connected quickly which is important for those in a similar position.

Overall my thoughts from moving up form the 2S is that the improvements are welcome much remains the same inside,the new wheel is great and other design changes and it is less noisy which is not a huge deal, My use case as I said would vary but I know from using both and their potential and how much it mas made things much easier for me since I started using the 2S the new MX 3 is better again and a joy to use, If you are not familiar with a mouse like this perhaps go try one out and see what it can do, Some shops might have demos or if you ever bump into me I will gladly show you, As mentioned I meet a lot of people with my work and have helped them with tech purchases based of either using products I have or discussed,this is a must have mouse full stop,some might thing they are expensive and have said it to me but it quickly turns to a moot point when people see how productivity improves and how much time is saved.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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