When it comes to True Wireless we now seem to be having a great choice by know brands but some are pricey and not worth the punt, Another market now seeing a rise of interest is Clones and the thing here is are they worth it and from my testing of several clones or copies of Apples overpriced goods is that Apple need to be worried.

Recently I have tested a cloned pair of Airpods the TWS I500 and these are a fraction of the cost and we also have their new AirPod Pro in for review so watch out for that soon. This is where people then start to ask questions like are they worth it at the price the likes go on sale for and the simple answer is Yes, You have nothing to lose and I have said before I do not condone clones but when they are this good you just have to tell people.

Blackpods have got much attention in the media over the last few months and plenty of coverage on You Tube and have had it good bar shipping issues but this is down to the popularity and this is why I reached out to the company to check them out like the others we have here. I am not an Apple fan by any means but like their products but they are too overpriced simple as and when tech come in offering better value and experience well then I want to try it for myself.

The Blackpods are now on Verison 3 and this is what we have been using and I will just say it up front they are great, First thing is they come in matt Black,something that Apple ignore from its fanbase but you can get them skinned at a cost, Blackpods do this for you at no extra charge and they look ten times better than the White version and come with wireless charging too which is great.

The Blackpods sound great all round and are loud but they do have some leakage at max volume but I use mine mostly in the house,they fit fine too but like Airpods they will not suit all ears even like the TWS I recently did they are much the same thing so keep in mind.

The matt Black finish looks good yet they are still the stemmed type and some do not like it I dont mind personally once they sound good and thats what matters to me and probably most people bar the few that like to fit in with the gang and think they are great.

When it comes to function you have it all there too but where they outdo Apple is on Volume and Bass levels which again for most is a good thing all other music genres are on par and sound good and they give a great listening experience at less than half the price,these even offer auto pause when one is removed from your ear,some high end earbuds do not even offer this, You have your usual attributes when it comes to play,pause and skip tracks you have your voice assistant on deck. Listening to my usual play lists, Netflix and You Tube the sound balance is great and no lag latency.

Once you pair up they will auto pair each time you remove from the case so there is no worries there and connection is good with Bluetooth 5.0 these work with both Apple and Android devices though no Animation on pairing on my Google Pixel 4 which they where tested on.

No issues with pop up animation on the iPhone 11

They will work individually when not put back in the case but if you put either side in the case you are done unlike some out there but this is a common theme in general with many others too so cant be faulted at the price, Call quality is great crisp and clear on both sides which is another good thing, so overall the audio and call quality is great and cant complain being honest and we are going to see much more of similar products like this hit the market. The same applies here for me as the TWS is just getting that sweet spot for the touch control but after a bit the muscle memory will kick in and work all the time every time to your input.

The BPV3 have also the latest H1 chip built in and are IP6 rated and as mentioned have wireless charging and give around 4 hours of listening time which is good but you get over 24HR with the case in total and seems legit from my testing over the last while this might change in time and how long they last is another thing which has to be mentioned like the TWS I tested,they still work and I expect these to last too, For 60 quid at the time of writing you cant go wrong with the Audio experience and the looks. I have reviewed enough true wireless now to tell you if something is utter trash and these are not that and looking up on reviews the majority of people seem to be happy and have the same opinion they are worth a shot.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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