The Smart life camera c9-Dv is small and light allowing it to be used as a wearable body camera clipped to your belt or stuck on a surface as a security camera This can be used for multiple purposes including a dashcam albeit without the GPRS or speed stored. The Smart life camera c9-Dv has night vision recording.



  1. Special design Wearable Body Camera, clip on your bag, stick on any surface.
  2. Capture Video HD 1920*1080P MP4 H.264.
  3. Three modes of video recording, timing photography and mobile detection
  4. Automatic video recording.
  5. Alarm recording and continue recording.
  6. Mobile detection sensing.



The unit does not come with a memory card which has to be ordered separately and formatted, (This can take an External memory card Micro SD card, up to 64G capacity) As always, we recommend a Quality card is used form a trusted supplier.  When the card is full of data this can be transferred to a storage device or will record over the oldest recording. 

The units required to be charged with the supplied charger lead. The date had time is set using notepad on a Laptop which is straight forward,

 The user manual gives a breakdown of the setting in terms of Three modes of video recording, timing photography and mobile detection. (the manual while short makes a simple press of a few buttons look complicated) 


The video is listed as HD 1920*1080P which give a good picture when stationary in a well-lit room, when using the camera outdoors on a belt with fast motion in a dark or dusk environment can involve a blurry video while when stationary or slow movements the quality is improved.  Overall the camera is easy to use, set up with a multitude of functionality that won’t break the bank with acceptable video in well-lit areas.

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