Some time ago, we showed you how to convert PDF to Word using Able2Extract Professional 12, a PDF solution renowned for its conversion capabilities. And now, the latest iteration of the software, Able2Extract Professional 14, is out. It brings novel and compelling features such as PDF signatures and PDF to Excel conversion templates that utilize Artificial Intelligence.   

Let’s take a closer look and inspect what these new implementations bring to the table.

Electronic and Digital Signatures

To start off, Able2Extract Professional can now sign PDF files with electronic and digital signatures.

An electronic signature is basically an image that you insert into a page. You can add it to a PDF by typing it in, drawing it or by inserting a signature image.

Adding an electronic signature using Able2Extract Professional 14 can be done in a couple of clicks. First, you need to open the signatures panel located just below the annotations. Then click on the Choose signature option. There you can apply existing signatures, if any, or create new ones using the appropriate options. Finally, click on the Sign button and insert your signature to the PDF page.

Digital or cryptographic signatures, unlike electronic ones, leave a digital footprint. Essentially, these signatures are coded, and they carry information about the signer that can be inspected by the viewer of the signed PDF document.

For instance, if you receive a PDF contract that was signed with a valid digital signature, you can verify the authenticity of the signature and detect if any changes were made to the document after it was signed.

To add a digital signature with Able2Extract Professional 14, you have to check the Digitally Sign the Document option in the Signature window and specify the digital certificate. From there, click on the Sign button and insert the signature to PDF.

AI-powered PDF to Excel Conversion

As we already explained in our previous article, Able2Extract Professional is the go-to tool for PDF to Excel conversion because it enables users to customize the conversion output to their specific needs.

Now, with the newly added Smart and Master conversion templates it got even better. The latest version is equipped with a Machine Learning engine that can significantly speed up individual and batch PDF to Excel conversion.

These functionalities can prove to be very useful if you work with a lot of PDF documents that don’t have consistent table data. For instance, two monthly reports can have tables with the same structures, but the tables might not be of the same size or even on the same page.

You can input 5-10 samples of the relevant table structures you need and train a Smart template to locate and extract relevant data from PDF tables no matter where the table sits in the document.

The same training process applies to Master (Batch conversion) templates, as well. You can create specific document categories and corresponding conversion templates and let Able2Extract Professional do the rest. It will identify each PDF file in the queue and automatically apply the matching conversion template.

To sum it up, with these new functionalities, Able2Extract Professional 14 looks like a worthy successor to the previous version. If you want to try out the new features, you can download a trial version and test it out for 7 days.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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