The Lightwave Link Plus, Smart Dimmer L21 and Lightwave Smart Socket 2 gang provides the technology to monitor and control lighting, power and heating whether you are in the home, or out and about, using a smart-phone, tablet or PC. These are beneficial features if used for security to ensure lights etc are turned on / off as required.

This can be used at your choice of timing or sitting indoors for a romantic night adjusting the lights from the couch. This model is Apple HomeKit compatibility, 2-way communication, built-in energy monitoring. The dimmer and socket can be fitted DIY installation with no extra cabling or specific tools.

 The Link Plus as a hub on its own this does not do much, while part of the overall system connected to the Lightwave products, it can integrate with other products seamlessly to allow you to control dimmer or sockets.  



Specification: Lightwave Smart Dimmer L21

  • RF frequency: 868 MHz
  • Input rating: 230V~ 50Hz
  • Output rating: 350W max
  • Incandescent Load:  10W min 350W max
  • Back Box Depth:  35mm min
  • Earthing Requirement: Not essential (double insulated)
  • Standby Energy Use: Less than 1W
  • Wiring: Neutral wire NOT required
  • Warranty: 2-year standard warranty
  • Circuit Type:non-SELVS

The Lightwave Smart Dimmer L21 comes in a sturdy box, these can be legally DIY installed in your home but if in doubt contact a qualified electrician


Lightwave Smart Socket (2 Gang)

What’s in the Box

  • Spacer (0.39 in./10 mm)
  • Instruction guide
  • Tech Specs

Other Features: HomeKit Compatible, Wireless

  • Internet Access: Internet Access Required
  • Connections: Wireless
  • Power Source: AC
  • Height: 3.46 in./8.8 cm
  • Width: 5.91 in./15 cm
  • Depth: 1.18 in./3 cm


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Installation was quite easy with a basic knowledge of electricity required, ensuring all safety precautions are taken, especially turning off the mains electricity supply before setup.  This installation involved replacing the light switch in the room, then controlling the switch from a mobile app. Setting up the Lightwave Link Plus to the dimmer & Smart Socket (2 gang) was straightforward. The App again was straightforward to setup and use.


The most important part of the kit from an installation point of view – is the Wiring: Neutral wire is NOT required. The Neutral wire is not used in the UK / Ireland. Some brands require the Neutral wire to be used resulting in a difficult installation wiring back to the fuse board. There are some minimum tools required without the need for specialised tools.

The Link Plus gateway is powering via microUSB, and then plugging into the ethernet, from here you will set up the device via your mobile. You need a Lightwave account which is added the Link Plus using the code on the back of it. The setup took about 5 minutes to set up once the manual wiring was done. It would be recommended prior to any changes in the wiring, to take photos of the original setup as a fall-back position.


The original dimmer switch physically had a small electronic block in the switch, the Lightwave contained a bigger electronics circuit resulting in difficulty fitting into the unit. An extra packing at the back of the unit was used to push out the unit to allow the electronics to physically fit into the socket.


The Lightwave Link Plus is light weight with a green light around the box, this is ok during the day but impractical at night, with the glow radiation the complete room, (annoying in the dark). The Lightwave Link Plus must be placed out of sight as there is no way to remove the green glow. The dimmer switch has a blue light when powered on and a red light when off, this may be a minor distraction for some if used when sleeping.


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LightwaveRF Home Automation app:

The app was developed in Birmingham and downloaded as normal via the Play store. The LightwaveRF Smart Home Platform allows you to monitor and control lighting, power and heating whether you are in the home, or out and about, using a smart-phone, tablet or PC.



A survey revealing that 24% of UK homes now contain a smart home device of some sort, Convenience and peace of mind are the two driving forces behind the 135% year-on-year increase in smart home device sales, according to a new survey by technology retailer Maplin.


The Lightwave support is based in the UK (while manufactured in China), this ensures support is familiar with local wiring standards which is a great plus if requiring support. This would be a strong consideration if looking for a DIY smart home solution. The Lightwave solution will not break the bank as compared to a professional installed system been relatively easy to install will a little electrical knowledge. This has the main features of a professional system which is expanding with the app.


There are options to monitor, control and schedule lighting, power and heating requirements by individual room. Alternatively, setup moods by room for lighting and power or complex events to turn on or off multiple devices across many rooms with one button.

“Smart homes” integrate technology to optimize and control utilities, electronics, and security systems. If you plan on been part of this growth area, looking for an affordable solution, easy to fit with a user-friendly interface, support ability to automate and customise, then the Lightwave system is certainly the way to go.


By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.