The Nextbase Duo HD cam is unique in a dash cam as comes with dual cameras with rotatable lenses for any angle front or back. This allows monitoring the road both ahead and behind at once. The accessories supplied are compatible with the complete range of dash cams.

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This dash cam can ensure, if you witness a bad driver / accident on the road, in the front or back, this is recorded. The lens is unique as it can rotate to have both lens looking forward or to the side as required.  The unit has a brushed aluminium front and solid, hardwearing plastic.


  • Dual Cameras with 180° Lens Rotation

Dual lens design allows viewing in any direction, the wide-angle lens to the front and zoom lens to the rear.

  • 2.7″ LCD Colour Screen

LCD screen for ease of use and viewing the playback of recorded videos and photos.

  • Powered GPS Mount

Supplied with an Easy-fit powered mount, which allows the Dash Cam to be fitted and removed quickly and easily. The car power cable can remain in place, connected to the mount.

  • GPS Logger

GPS co-ordinates, date and time are recorded, the journey can then be viewed using the supplied software.

  • Windows & Mac playback software. The software is also available to download from
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connect your smartphone or tablet device to the Dash Cam; can be used to Start/Stop recording or to view or download files from the Dash Cam.

  • G Sensor / File Protection

In the event of an impact the device will automatically ‘protect’ the recording, stopping the file from being over-written. This can also be performed manually, by pressing the ‘protect’ button. Individual files can also be ‘protected’ when viewed within playback mode.

  • Parking Mode

The Dash Cam will power on automatically and make a protected recording, when physical movement of your vehicle is detected.


Click & Go GPS Magnetic Mounting:

The mounting as supplied with the dash cam is excellent allowing the power to be connected directly. The dash cam can then be removed from the bracket with one hand without touching any cables, the bracket is fitted with suction mount with built-in GPS receiver.

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Setup involves:

Insert an SD card, press a few set up instructions, plug in the (Extra-long) 12V cigarette lighter power cable, and suction mount on to the vehicles and you’re ready to record.  The Nextbase has Automatic Start / Stop Technology which when the vehicle ignition is turned on, it starts to record automatically. Once the SD card is full of videos, rather than stopping, it is designed to overwrite the oldest file to the newest one. The time and date are automatically set upon the camera from satellite data, based on the country. Setup takes minutes.


There are 3 modes of camera operation – Video, Photo and Playback.

  • Video Mode: The default mode when the camera is turned on, for video recording.
  • Photo Mode: Allows you to take still photographs from the Wide-Angle lens camera.
  • Playback mode: Allows you to view recorded videos or photographs upon the dash cam’s LCD screen.

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Play back:

Playback can be done via the 2.7″ LCD screen via the menu.  Files of approx. 245 MB for 3-minute clips as .mov clips, or 2.4 hours are stored on a 32 GB SD card.  They can be played on computers by many video players or use the Nextbase software (CD supplied) via Wi-Fi or download. File name ending with FR for the front camera and RE for rear camera. The Nextbase Duo HD does not come with an SD card, but cards can be purchased, e.g. Nextbase 32 GB microSD card (which can be used in all Nextbase dash cams), Generic SD cards can be used but would recommend using a good quality microSD card.

Nextbase Duo HD features built in Wi-Fi, allows downloading / share footage onto your mobile phone or tablet using the Nextbase Cam Viewer app (available on IOS & Android).  This footage can be shared to Social media / insurance firms or the police.


Taxi drivers often use dash cams but use these to face backwards to their passengers to record anti-social behaviour. This has the result should an accident happen outside the vehicle they have no record of this. The choice is not should a professional driver use a dash cam, rather which make and model for their budget or their requirements.

The Nextbase Duo HD has recording at full 1080p HD on each rotatable lens for enhanced picture quality day and night. This is suitable for most vehicles & drivers whether professional or your average driver (while the budget may exclude some average drivers use.).  The front lens has a 140° wide angle lens which allows recording of the entire road with the option on the 50m zoom to cover the rear or turn to the side as required.

If this dash cam is used to reduce your insurance premium, catch poor drivers for social media, improve your own driver, this cam has the quality, GPS co-ordinates, date and time recorded to ensure there is no question of the authentication of the footage.

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If you are looking for a quality dash cam that stands out for the rest with the unique dual cameras, to record both front and back in full 1080p HD then there is no comparison with this product. Once this dash cam is used, other brands / models look inferior in comparison. A front-runner from Nextbase.  £169  RRP: £199.99


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.