Earlier  this year Samsung announced the 2017 update to the Galaxy A series.

We already covered  everything you need to know about the devices, they are Awesome mid-to-high end smartphones.


Almost like a S7  in new form, the only downside we found was the price, a bit high considering you could get a proper S6 or even an S7 for almost the same price.

Well, looking down the market we discover that Samsung without any fanfare lower the prices of the Galaxy A5 and A3

Originally, the first one was price at €430 while the A3 was at €330.

But now, the Koreans quietly cut those prices to make them even more affordable.

The A5 is €370, while the A3 is at €310. This new price tags makes these awesome devices a complete bargain.

If you were not sure before now is your time to get your hands on any off the two or even the A7 if you prefer a bigger display.

But do you think is strictly related with the S8 announcement?

Let us know in the comments below


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