Your Laptop/iPad and PC is to become your new TV. Good luck with that..

Own either laptop,PC or iPad you could be forced to pay the annual fee of €160. Where did they get that 11 inches from?

Yes I said “FORCED” which to begin with should not be an option regardless. Already this week we heard Dee Forbes speaking on radio telling us that we just pay 40c a day and its great value well the sentiment was read completely different on social media after comments made by the new chief in Montrose, Yet this again is another move to generate more revenue as reported by the Independent this morning… RTE are strapped for cash


There is already much speak about paying the annual licence fee as it is and if it is actually value for money and also mentioned on the Sean O Rourke show was the broadcasting charge which Dee Forbes said herself was MOOTED…Having said that she did say she did request a hike which would see us pay double the price but that was quickly toned later on that morning..

The Broadcasting Act 2009 does have a wide take on what is actually a TV set but portable sets such as tablets does not fall under this act and here is where the change is about to happen,but have they clearly thought this out? As is the is plenty of licence fee evaders but how will they actually police this given the current status is anything over 11 inches will be forced to foot the bill…

Most people today would have tablets from 7 -10 inch for arguments sake and these are capable of streaming and not only that we all own mobile phones ranging from 4 inch to 6 inches in size today but there is bigger out there pushing tablet size or phablets as they are better known… We now access more content than before via our portable devices which I myself do and carry on my person all the time, Is the inspector going to frisk me in the coming months? I think not… but items billed for the fee can be easily concealed and again proving who owns it… As it stands anything over 11 inches will have to foot the bill but down the road you can see where this is going…

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