Clients to be empowered with more choices and greater flexibility to achieve teaching and learning success


Blackboard Inc. announced today its offering of the software as a service (SaaS) deployment of Blackboard Learn and the optional Ultra Experience in Europe. Clients who choose to use the new SaaS solution will be deployed via the Amazon Web Services EU region in Frankfurt, Germany. The offering will give European institutions a third local deployment option in addition to the self-hosted and managed-hosted delivery models already available.



Blackboard Learn deployed as SaaS will offer the Original experience of Blackboard Learn 9.1, including user interface, workflows and features. Clients can decide to move to this new delivery model with confidence, as their academics, staff and students will continue to use the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) they are already familiar with. This will also allow for a variety of improvements for clients, including reduced costs related to change management processes, fewer disruptions, and continuing benefits from investments already made on online curriculum developments, training and technology adoption programmes.




“With the launch of the SaaS deployment and the Ultra experience in the U.S. and Australia, we are excited to bring these options to Europe,” said Lee Blakemore, President of Blackboard International. “European institutions and organisations will have greater choice in how they want to deploy their Virtual Learning Environment. If they opt to transition to the SaaS delivery model, they will be able to leverage the robust and scalable cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services while utilising the most complete and flexible VLE on the market.” 

In addition to benefits such as zero downtime updates, fast roll out of new features, and quicker delivery of fixes, institutions opting for the SaaS deployment will also have the option to access the Ultra experience of Blackboard Learn with a simplified and mobile-friendly interface, streamlined workflows with easier access to the most common functionalities needed to manage courses, and a personalised experience specifically designed for students and teachers that brings aggregated and actionable information to a user’s view. Moreover, the Original and Ultra experiences can be run simultaneously via the SaaS model, allowing institutions to evaluate and transition to the Ultra experience according to their own needs and schedules.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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