You’ll be able to get a Galaxy Note7 after all… well kind of. #Note7 #Samsung

You have to question the timing here. 

A couple of weeks back we heard the rumor that Samsung was going to sell again the Note7 devices they had returned due defective hardware.

The Korean giant itself said that was not true soon afterwards, but we received an official press release saying otherwise.


Apparently the deal consist on different scenarios where you could actually get a Note7 as a refurbished unit or even “rent” one where available.

Devices that cannot be given back to customers, will be recycle in an environmental way and the elements that can’t go for that process will be used for test samples.

Yet its still to be seen where they’re going to be available and what exactly they meant by “rent” a device.

Samsung share no information regarding prices or markets that could find the devices in store. But as soon as we have more information we will let you now if you would be actually able to get one.

But if it’s possible, would you get yourself a Note7 again? Would you go for the upcoming S8 or wait for Note8?

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Written by Vicente A. George

Technology enthusiast. 10 years in love of mobile technology; Radio Shows Co-producer, Chef and photographer on my free time, I've spend most of my teen and adult life searching for tech that helped me on my daily activities. TechBuzzIreland American Correspondent, for Spanish and American content and contacts
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