It looks like yesterday when we were covering  CES2016 and then MCW2016 is just around the corner,

We are expecting to see a lot of things there, but if you thought OEMs were the only ones making announcements you were wrong, as Vodafone has just give us a glimpse on what’s to come with they new tech called 4GFI


Is a really normal thing to suffer connection loss when covering or attending these kind of events (Which is really funny if you ask me)

Thinking about it Vodafone has release today during a press conference their new project called 4GFI which will improve the connection on 2G and 3G phones using an updated 4G hotspot from your phone your house and even your car.

The 4GFI is an autonomous app the will be automatically turn on if just in optimal conditions, without the need of the user intervention or any kind of passwords, using Vodafone networks, so even if you use your phone as hotspot for your other devices or friends your date is going to be safe.

Image courtesy of ADSLZone


This will enhance other connection services, so this will be really useful if you or your friends have a 2G or 3G phone, the one with a 4G capable device will provide faster data transfer in 15x on 3G devices and 3000x on 2G ones.

Right here you can see an example on how it would work thanks to our friends at ADSLZone

All this advances and more will be showcase at MWC2016 next week, where we-ll see also Vodafone 5G project aiming to a 1Gbps.

Are you ready for all the incoming tech? What do you think about this 4GFI? Find it useful? Let us know in the comment section below

Source: ADSLZone (Spanish)


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