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Keyboards are a vital accessory for content creators journalists and more and especially those in office environments and ZAGG have announced a slew of new keyboards recently for you to check out and they are very robust and simple to use, keyboard type though is subjective to each user though as you have travel and tactility to think about, for me I typically use square keys and I use chromebooks most of the time and again keys are square and near flat on my laptops.

I have not used a standalone keyboard in years however I am changing my set-up at home to a monitor and this keyboard will fit right in after using it for a few weeks and have come to like it, This even works on a mobile phone which is great and has multipoint connection so you can use up to three devices at once which suits me perfectly right now, On one test I used my Galaxy Z flip5 and two chromebooks so moving between either is simple with the three standout blue keys up top of the keyboard, there is also and extra numeric keypad on the right which is something I have not used in years and last used on an old dell laptop which is handy for some people.

A few keys have a backlight for ease of use and the keys are perfectly sized although it did take me some time to get use to the travel and tactility but you can adjust fairly fast however I have big fingers and typing is always an issue when speed typing but that is just me but there is others out there like me.

One thing I have noticed is less fatigue on the fingers and hand after using this for some time which is valuable for someone like me who is constantly on my laptop writing tech reviews,even if not on the laptop I can use my phone which sometimes I do to get the ball moving on some things which have some urgency so if in a hotel room or travelling this keyboard works much better than the tiny keys on my phone and being a Flip phone this pair well with it.

Like I said a keyboard is subjective and or me this is the first one I have used in years and it is perfect for my needs,looks good and is robust with a super batter life and comes with wireless charging and you should check it out, check the video below for more.


ZAGG Pro Keyboard 15 makes typing easier with less fatigue - techbuzzireland
ZAGG Pro Keyboard 15 makes typing easier with less fatigue – techbuzzireland



·       Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging – Charge the ZAGG Pro Keyboards on a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad to ensure uninterrupted typing when you need it most. Qi charging eliminates the risk of a dead battery and keeps your workspace tidy and free from unnecessary cables. Users can also charge with the included Type-C cable. 

·       Pair with up to Three Devices – You can pair the ZAGG Pro Keyboards with up to three devices to seamlessly toggle between a phone, tablet, or computer from one keyboard. 

·       Long-lasting Battery – The keyboards have a Li-polymer battery that allows for three months of use before it needs recharging.

The ZAGG Pro Keyboard 17 (€89.99/£79.99/$89.99), Pro Keyboard 15 (€79.99/£74.99/$79.99), Pro Keyboard 12 (€69.99/£64.99/$69.99), ZAGG Connect Keyboard 12C (€59.99/£54.99/$59.99), and ZAGG Connect Keyboard 12L (€69.99/£64.99/$69.99) are now available on and at ZAGG franchise locations nationwide. Each keyboard includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

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