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Home security is something we all need to attend to and important for all the obvious reasons and something we should stay on top of and re-evaluate every now and then, with me that is nothing to remind myself of due to what we do hear but we should also check up on current tech we have in our homes and ensure all is fine, why I say that is I know several people who can cameras sensors or doorbells etc and stopped using them because the battery died.

The lazy effect has come into play here and it is too much effort for some just to even do this simple task that will someday come back to bite them even after I recommend these people to buy some type of security product for their property. Here for me though it is no issue as we review stuff all the time and I always keep in check if all is ok or I get messages to tell me something ain’t right which is mostly re-charging devices.

There is so many products out there now for your home and many affordable so there is no excuse and with the Summer almost over now is the time to take a second look at what you have, theft is on the rise again and mostly happens when you are not in or during the night so folk you need to buckle up and get it sorted.

This gadget from Meross is a simple one simple to set up and just leave it there and do its job and maybe after a year then you may need to check the battery if that is not too hard to do.

In the box you get a hub and two smaller pieces to attach to a window a door a garage door even, the list goes on this can also be used in the home for other scenarios like a press or a locker or even a pets cage and it is cheap as chips. You can also see what else the company has on their website here.


The App

Overall this is a simple security product anyone can install at home in under 5 minutes and leaves you with peace of mind that your good/property will be safe and lets you know when there is something not right, check the video review below for more.


  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and is compatible with SmartThings.
  • Voice Access: Know the status of the device via HomePod / Siri.
  • Alert: Your Meross app or Apple Home app will receive an alert instantly when the alert condition is detected.
  • Low Power Consumption: Up to 18 months lifespan with the built-in battery.
  • Automation: Set triggers to control other Meross devices in the Meross app.
  • Control Up to 16 Devices: One hub can control 16 Meross devices (sensors, detectors, thermostat valves) simultaneously.


Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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