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The JOBY Beamo Reel Color is a simple to use light to enhance your creator side with 12 RGB colors built in and a built in diffuser this works with other JOBY products too or standalone tripods which is how we used it, it is simple to use with two buttons and no app required to get going.

The build quality is also robust with a simple twist to turn it on and up the the brightness, you have the two buttons then to change the temp and colour and that is all there is to it really so in short shot just place where required and turn it on set the tone and job is done. The Beamo Reel color is for those who want to add a mood or tone to their creative side or just have a different look to their scene, it can be used in many ways and each creator is different,Check the video below for more.

Available in 3 models: The Beamo Reel which produces super soft light with the built-in diffuser and offers three different white color temperature options.
Beamo Reel Color which produces super soft light with the built-in diffuser, offers three different white color temperature options and 12 additional preset RGB colors.
Beamo Reel Creator Kit, an all-in-one kit that includes the PodZilla Medium mobile tripod kit, Wavo Mobile vlogging microphone, and Beamo Reel LED light. This ready-to-vlog bundle stabilizes your phone, captures crispy audio, and provides easy-to-use soft lighting.


  • Control on/off and brightness by rotating the rim of the light
  • Faceted faces allows it to be placed at 0°, 15°, and 30° angles
  • Toggle through 12 preset RGB colors with a touch of button
  • Cold Shoe attachment to lock your LED and device in place
  • Up to 7 hours of run time on 50% brightness


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