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Cables can be a messy thing around the home or office and we have over the years seen many ways to counter this problem and again mobfree has come up with another genius product to help alleviate cable management in one small gadget and this is no your typical solution that we have seen in other forms before either.

XuperCable now on Kickstarter is the latest 3 in 1 device to solve several issues at once and allowing you to charge up to three devices at once including laptops which is a crux of any other offering in the past I have seen before, so what we have here is a device that can rotate 360 degrees too which is great meaning it is not fixed so once placed on your table it can rotate unlike other offerings that are fixed in one spot making it more convenient for at home office or travel use. This means less cables to carry and one portable product that can be put into your pocket and of course your travel bag.

XuperCable uses MSC Technology for Safe Charging – Charge Three Devices Simultaneously so we have USB-C micro USB which will be soon phased out but there is a plethora of devices out there today that still uses it and of course lightning so you are covered from all angles here which is great via one small compact unit.

Check out the video below for more and what you can expect from this simple product and support them on Kickstarter

3-in-1 Design, One Cable for All Your Devices

XuperCable features three connectors (Lightning, Micro USB & USB-C). This 3-in-1 design works with all your modern tech devices from tablets to smartphones, Nintendo Switch, GoPro, earbuds, the list is endless.

100W Power Delivery Fast Charging, Charge Almost Any Laptops at Full Speed

With a built-in advanced E-Mark chip, XuperCable supports up to 100W Power Delivery, providing fast charging for almost any phone, tablet, USB-C laptop at full speed. MacBook Pro (13”) can be charged to 65% in 30 minutes (with a 100W PD charger).


Adjustable Lengths for Different Needs  – From 75cm to 175cm

Adhesive Base for Stable Connection – Stick it anywhere you like

360° Rotation for Ultra Convenience – Flexible charging angle

MSC Technology for Safe Charging  Charge Three Devices Simultaneously

Lightning output: 20W Max.
Type-C output: 100W Max.
Micro output: 18W
Micro+ilightning+Type-C: 3.5A Max


Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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