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OneOdio is a brand we have been testing product from some time now and the company offers affordable Audio products to the masses, they have several types of headphones aimed at more than one demographic but the latest on offer is the Focus A10 that comes with ANC of course at an affordable price.

The presentation this time around is great and they come with a nice hard shell carry case and the cables required in the box and when not in use these hard shell cases are ideal to store the product when not in use or if travelling..

The build quality is excellent here to and a departure from some of their older models which were mainly plastic and looked on the cheap side in some instances but not this time around, the headband is cosy as too are the earcups which alone do a decent job keeping much of the outside world at bay.

Battery life is great at around 50-Hour playtime and quick charge a 10-minute charge gives you another 5.5 hours however with ANC on expect less as always with this feature as it is a big power drain you are talking around 1-1.5 hours less but the fast charge is a win here.

There is no app again and this is where these headphones could have shined even more however it is not all bad at all and they performed well with the ANC/transparency/normal mode switch that is located on the left cup, the rest of the controls are on the right side which is voice control skip and reverse tracks play and pause so all the requirements are there including call control.

The sound is what we want to know about overall and it is decent for the money, nice and loud good ANC when its turned on of course and that’s indoors and outdoors, you will hear some outdoor noise but not much. For non audiophiles these overall done a great job for me with a nice bass level to them with no lag latency and felt more center stage and not bright like most cheap headphones can. Calls where fine though sounded on the deep side which is fine for me and lets not forget you can connect two devices at once here which worked well with my laptop and phone as this is my usual set up.


Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling: The noise reduction depth reaches 35dB. Advanced noise canceling technology blocks out up to 95% of low and mid-range frequency noises

Transparency Mode: With Unique Talk-in through technology, you can not miss any flight/train information while waiting for planes and cars at airports and stations. Transparent mode is to reduce the music in the headphones while amplifying the human voice

Hi-Res Audio & Deep Bass: The Hi-Res logo represents exceptional audio quality, Separate low, mid, and high frequency transmission to provide hyper pure and clear sound.

Ergonomic Design with Comfort. With earpads equipped with true protein memory foam, A10 is flexible over-ear headphones that can be naturally adjusted to fit any sized head

Check out the video review below for more.

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