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The Creative Sound Blaster Katana SE is the fourth in the series from the company making it slip into a different price bracket so what we have here is a product that suits ones needs when it comes to sound, size and features and the case here there is no subwoofer with this one meaning less space taken up but it is slightly larger than others in the range and with all that in mind this still has plenty of ports and connectivity options that caters for just about anyone and not forgetting the RGB lights built in.

The build quality is excellent here again and it is a familiar affair when it comes to the layout of the I/Os and buttons which makes it good for existing users per say to change up or down their current models, for someone new buying this at its price and target market there will be no issues at all with the product. Check out the unboxing below before you read on if you are a first timer and have decided to go for this one.  You can see the Stage 360 here and the Katana V2X here which was our last model to test and sit nicely in line with this one we have now. There is many other models to find on site if you want to have a look.

Unboxing and Walkthrough – Creative Sound Blaster Katana SE



How does it sound then, hard to call over video but we have a video review below and in short this is excellent and almost up there with the last model and for me this is ideal for anyone who has not ventured into the soundbar game which is now popular, I have an expensive TV  and one for gaming which was not cheap and you expect decent speakers but no, rubbish and downward firing which is still a feature when you buy a TV today and this is why soundbars are popular. Again a caveat here is where your IR port is on TV and soundbars usually block most of them but you can prop up your TV legs if required or fix the speaker the a wall with a bracket mine luckily enough allows me to use the remote but sometimes it is a pain.

The sound is great and that is all that matter I have tried and test with my Phone TV and gaming console and the result is the same optimal audio performance, no lag latency noted which I have notice this being an issue in the past with some soundbars again though this is with streaming and depending on your tv with some have the option to add delay and yes me having and expensive TV still has not got this feature but I am glad to say there is NO lag latency when streaming.

Best placed on your floor or on your TV stand and tuned up to the max sit back and enjoy the thumping bass and sound if your floors are wooden of course and it vibrates through the couch, not only this is coupled with Super X-Fi technology, 5.1 virtual surround capabilities, and versatile connectivity options, the Sound Blaster Katana SE is the ideal soundbar for gamers, movie lovers, and music enthusiasts who want an elevated audio experience without compromising on space or audio quality. If you have not yet tried this or a pair of compatible headphones you do not know what you are missing..

At the end of the day this soundbar delivers and all fronts, there is cheaper out there the price might put some off but from someone who has tested countless soundbars over the years this is worth the investment as it can be used in many scenarios and not just your TV, it is a one stop for sound quality and connectivity options and it is portable around the home or if needs be the office and in my case it does them all including my external office out my back which I often use to get away from the noise and just chill out.

Sound Blaster Katana SE is priced at UK£299.99, US$299.99, EU€329.99 and is available at more information, visit

Video Review

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