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Creative over the years have had many soundbars which we have tried and tested and recently I have a private viewing of what other soundbars they have and they keep upping their game, A soundbar for me is essential as the speakers in your TV are in general rubbish and downward firing which still today is funny knowing it will not give the user the full effect unless hung on a wall, most have their TV sat on a unit and the sound goes nowhere nor gives you a real experience, now some TVs are good and do give you a decent audio experience but for the most it is rubbish and I have always had a soundbar regardless and mostly for Creative.

This bad boy is targeted for the gamer but lets not forget audio is important no matter be it a movie or a game session and this covers them all, not only that as a general speaker you can connect your phone and blow the floorboards out of it and enjoy superb sound too. So in short this latest package is not just restricted to the gamer but for the whole audio experience in general after my testing and audio has been a key feature for me many years now investing in home cinema packages before I got into the tech review scene and so on and most people will note this involves wires all over the place which is annoying.

Not the case today though with how tech has moved on, you do not need huge speakers or subwoofers and cables all over the place along with satellite speakers in all corners followed by wires things have advanced and there is also wireless options at hand for those who want them.

There are various connectivity options to choose from, including HDMI ARC and optical ports, wireless Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C port for USB audio support, 3.5mm AUX-in and SXFI-out for certified Super X-Fi products. This versatile soundbar is compatible with desktops and consoles alike, including PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

This soundbar retains the familiar sound signature of a high-end Sound Blaster, delivering hi-fidelity multichannel audio via the acclaimed tri-amplified Xamp technology, where Creative’s proprietary multi-core DSP controller powers the tweeters, mid-range and subwoofer drivers individually. Super X-Fi Headphone Holography, an award-winning technology which recreates the soundstage of a high-end multi-speaker system in headphones, is perfect for late-night game binges without disturbing the neighbors. If you do get your hands on one you should try it with headphones too as it is immersive and you have access to the app as mentioned

Overall this is a must have for the home be it for gaming movies music and more and check the video below on how it operates and sounds, go get one if you want superb sound with the RGB factor thrown in for good measure.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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