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The ASUS Zenfone 10 is certainly one beast of a phone and we have one here and continuing out testing as we speak and so far I am mighty impressed.Luckily enough we also have some cases for the phone and accessories to test out with it and they are important to protect your phone and make life easier especially with the accessories pack we have in our next review.

As cases go this is a simple case to apply to your phone and works really well giving you additional grip and protection of your shiny new phone that you should keep protected as we all know a drop can be expensive.  The case protects the front of the device with a nice lip going around the screen with extra depth ports giving additional protection yet any cable with fit through as with some case the charging port would not allow thicker cables in this one does and you will see what I mean in the video review below.

The keys are angled making it easy to navigate and there is a sloped cutout where the power on/off key is, the camera lens is also raised as there is two different sized humps here and it also stops the rocking on a table effect, the case has a nice carbon fibre look finish to it and will work with wireless chargers, you should pick one up.

SolidSuit series now offers MagSafe-compatible versions for your iPhone, giving you 2x the magnetic force to keep your device securely in place. Say goodbye to dropped phones and hello to peace of mind with the SolidSuit MagSafe case.


Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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