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When it comes to tech we mostly think of ourselves let’s be honest but there is tech for you pets to these days you know, only kidding but since I got a new pet in the house Lola has been in a few videos not with pet products and some of which do have a tech element to it and this product does and this company does not only cater for your cat or dog they cater for us humans too and have a really nice range of products you might not even think about and how they work and as some said to me it is just a cushion and there was my answer back, don’t judge a book by its cover.

When asked to check this out first I was about to pass on it but I changed my mind and said we would take a look and I am glad I did as this particular product is for your cat or dog be it Winter or Summer due to how it works and how it works is what people miss and for a regular visitor to pets stores I have yet to see anything like it personally.

This works with a simple process and is simple to use and set up which takes around 3 minutes to do in fact and the job is done, there is two ways to look at this or use it if you will and both will keep your pet happy and if cold will keep them warm. So in the box you get your cushion your cover and an external cover and also a charger and plug and on the outer cover there is a simple control to power on/off and change the heat temperature.

For me the pillow is comfortable and it is not one that you could fall of the edge of if you understand so your pet will not fall of the edge of it as it is soft and sinks down making it safe, we do have other standard pillows here which the dog would lie or sit on but would not hover on the edge as it is a more solid material and she would be edging back to jump off it or if on couch for example as it is not stable like this pillow is.

OK so then end result then, well I cant speak or my dog but I know when she is happy and she has made herself a new bed now and from my own personal take it is comfortable and does the job and I love the heating element to it too and so will you and your pet, again it is my own view on the matter and trying to take all into consideration and be subjective, everyone’s taste is different and that is no different to your pet but from seeing what she has and has not liked over the years this is a winner and she will not move off it now.

What is this all about then and who is stoov

Stoov live for those moments where we forget about time and just enjoy the moment. Stoov® is all about bringing coziness, whether its inside on your couch, outside on a fresh spring morning or harvesting the last lights on an autumn day. Their infrared heating products will keep you warm, whether you are at home, in your garden, on the sea or camping, so you can focus on the moment and enjoy life.

The Woov heated cat & dog bed

Animals love to be warm, and your furry friends will often be found lounging in the sun. But what about when the sun isn’t shining? With the Woov heated dog and cat bed, you can give your pet a cozy spot to relax in the house, no matter the weather. It’s a surefire way to keep them warm and comfortable.

Lola Stoov indoors - techbuzzireland
Lola woov and Stoov indoors – techbuzzireland


How does the Woov heated bed for your dog and cat work?

The Woov heated bed for your furry friends uses smart infrared heat technology, just like all other heating products from Stoov®. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe for both humans and animals. Plus, it has a timer and thermostat built in for extra safety. So you can relax, knowing that it won’t get too hot and it will automatically shut off after 8 hours.

Lola stoov and woov outdoors - techbuzzireland

What are the thermal dog beds made of?

When it comes to the heated dog beds, you have options! The Woov Woolly is made of a super soft and cozy fabric that feels like a sheepskin. And the Woov Outdoor is perfect for those less tidy and clumsy pets. It’s made of a synthetic fabric that’s water and dirt repellent, plus UV resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Make your four-legged friend happy with a heated cat or dog bed

Don’t be surprised if your dog or cat barely notices the cozy new heated bed you bought for them! We all know that, in particular, cats can be stubborn and often prefer the smallest cardboard box. But don’t worry, if that’s the case, you can always use the cushion yourself. Plus, you have 30 days to return it for any reason.

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