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When it comes to accessories for our smartphones there is plenty to pick from but none like this set which is modular and allows you to pick between to pieces to suit your needs at a given time which is kind of a neat idea I must add and not seen before in this format. This is kind of a 3 in 1 kit giving you a protective shell and then two pieces that can be added by clipping onto the case itself hence being modular.

The shell alone does a good job protecting your device albeit a bit on the glossy side on the rear and slippy and it has lots of perforations on the case to allow you to stick on either the card holder or phone stand which is neat. The card holder is neat and made with a nice material and will hold at a guess up to three cards from my testing and keep them secure, the texture of the cad holder also gives you additional grip on the case too and if one card is in it or even three in my testing they will not fall out so it is for most people out there today who carry card and it looks much better than those wallet styled cases that are bulky and cumbersome..

ASUS Zenfone 10 - Connex accessories set - techbuzzireland
ASUS Zenfone 10 – Connex accessories set – techbuzzireland

Overall this is the ideal case for those who want that bit more from an accessory pack giving them more than one option and it is certainly worth investing in. Check the video below for more.

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