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Is your Discovery+ lagging and buffering? Or do you simply wish to enhance your experience on Discovery Plus? This guide has everything you need to know to improve your streaming experience on Discovery Plus. 

Discovery Plus has a huge content library for the viewers in the UK, offering reality TV shows, movies, docu-series, and others. Therefore, if you’re looking to stream Discovery Plus UK from anywhere without interruptions, we recommend using a VPN.

In this article, we will cover simple and effective methods which you can use to avoid Discovery+ streaming issues.

Methods to Improve Discovery+ Streaming?

Many issues can cause your Discovery+ app or account to slow down, from internet connections to outdated apps and malfunctions. Many small things can cause your streams to be interrupted.

One of the most common reasons why your Discovery+ is slow is possibly due to your internet connection fluctuating. An out-of-date Discovery+ application can cause your stream to malfunction.

Here are some tips on how to improve streaming on Discovery+



Here is a brief look at the methods to improve your streaming experience on Discovery+.

Method 1 – Check your internet connection

One of the main reasons why Discovery+ lags or slows down is due to a slow internet connection in the UK. So by checking up on your internet connection, you can make sure that you are using Discovery+ on a stable internet connection.

If your issues persist after you have checked on your internet connection and you can be sure that the internet connection is the issue, then we recommend upgrading your internet connection to match Discovery+ streaming speeds.

Method 2 – Restart your Discovery+ app

By restarting the application, you are giving the application the time to refresh itself and install any updates that were interrupted while the app was working. A restart can also help clear the cache of your app, which can help in increasing the performance of the app.

By restarting the application you will also establish a new connection to the Discovery+ servers and watch some of the best shows in the UK without interruptions. 

Method 3 – Check if your Discovery+ app is up to date

Working Discovery+ on an outdated application can cause the account to slow down, so if you are facing issues with your app slowing down or stopping in between streams. Check whether your app is up to date, you can check the status of your app from your device’s application store.

In the way, you can easily access any Discovery Plus channel like TLC, Lifetime, and others and watch whatever you want without interruptions. 

Method 4 – Check your Internet Router

Sometimes it helps to restart your internet router. By restarting the router, you give your connection the time to refresh itself and establish a more secure connection. This secure connection can help improve your streaming on Discovery+.

Method 5 – Decrease Video Quality

The video quality on Discovery+ can also cause the app to slow down, so if you are facing issues with the app being slow. Try decreasing the video quality, it is more than likely that the issue is caused by the video quality being HD or 4K.

Method 6 – Close background Apps

The more apps that are running in the background while you stream the more your internet connection is divided among them. By closing these background apps, you can give your internet connection time to just connect to Discovery+ thus giving you a better connection.

Method 7 – Restart your Streaming Device

Same as restarting the Discovery+ app and your internet connection. Restarting your streaming device by performing a power cycle. The first step of the power cycle is to unplug your device and let it stay unplugged for 60 seconds.

After that, replug and restart your device. This restart allows the device to reconnect to the internet source and identify and download any updates that are needed. By restarting you also clear the cache on your device thus freeing up space for Discovery+ to operate.

Method 8 – Connect to Ethernet

It is better to have a direct connection to your source of internet, rather than using a router to route the connection. If you are facing issues with Discovery+ on your device, try connecting the ethernet connection directly to your device.

The boost of connection can help you boost your Discovery+ streams. You can also try moving your streaming devices closer to the internet sources if your device doesn’t allow an ethernet connection.

Method 9 – Disconnect useless devices from your connection

When you connect a lot of devices to your internet router, there is a high chance that your internet connection lowers as a lot of devices are accessing the same internet source. 

So if you are facing an issue with Discovery+ slowing down, you can try disconnecting useless devices that are currently not in use from your internet source. After disconnecting the devices, recheck Discovery+, hopefully, your issue will be resolved.

Method 10 – Contact Discovery+ Support

If you have tried all of the mentioned methods and are still facing issues with your Discovery+ account lagging and buffering. It’s time to get in contact with Discovery+ support. There can be several issues with the application that cannot be fixed from the end of the user and require technical support. 

By contacting customer support, you get access to professionals that can help you fix your issues with ease or can directly fix the issues from their end.


We know how frustrating it can be to get interrupted mid-stream specially when one wants to live-stream without any buffer. Keeping this issue in mind we created this article to help our readers identify and fix any issues that might be causing their Discovery+ streaming experience to be soiled.


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