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Enter a world filled with awe-inspiring landscapes, captivating wildlife, and the harmonious dance of nature’s forces.  Without ever leaving your living room, Discovery+ has put together a selection of outstanding nature documentaries that will transport you on remarkable journeys. Be prepared for jaw-dropping visuals, heart-stopping encounters, and a fresh respect for the amazing beauties of our planet. 

However, Discovery Plus is not available in New Zealand. Therefore, a trustworthy VPN is necessary to get around these limitations and access the full selection of content to stream Discovery Plus in New Zealand without any limitations. 

Get ready to be amazed by the six best nature documentaries available on Discovery+, which will take you to places like the ocean’s depths and the savannah’s huge open spaces.


1. Planet Earth (2006)

Many viewers found immense value in HDTV in New Zealand thanks to an extraordinary 11-episode documentary, Planet Earth. This remarkable series brought together renowned individuals such as Attenborough and producer Alastair Fothergill, who had previously collaborated on The Blue Planet. However, the scale of Planet Earth exceeded their previous project. 

Spanning from forests to jungles to the Arctic, the series serves as both a captivating travelog and a documentation of how various species navigate a world grappling with the effects of climate change. 

Even after 15 years, Planet Earth remains a benchmark for future documentaries, showcasing breathtaking clarity in capturing the astonishing beauty of creatures and landscapes across our planet.

2. The Hunt (2015)

The portrayal of animals amid hunting or evading predators is undeniably one of the most gripping aspects of any nature documentary. “The Hunt” is an immersive and thrilling seven-episode series that expertly captures these raw moments. It explores the dynamics of hunting across a wide range of environments, spanning from the harsh Arctic to the dense jungles and everything in between.

“The Hunt” weaves together the themes of conservation and climate change throughout its narrative. It serves as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness between ecosystems and the urgent need to protect our natural world. In its final episode, the series takes a dedicated focus on following the journey of scientists who are tirelessly working to safeguard an endangered predator.

By shining a light on the challenges faced by both predators and prey, “The Hunt” not only entertains but also educates and inspires viewers to take action in safeguarding our planet’s magnificent creatures. It is indeed one of the best shows you can stream on Discovery Plus in New Zealand, with an IMDb rating of 9.2.

3. A Perfect Planet (2021)

In early 2021, Discovery Plus launched a range of new series, including the latest products from the BBC Natural History Unit called “A Perfect Planet.” The renowned narrator, Attenborough, lent his voice to this five-episode series, which stands out as the only nature documentary produced by the unit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite Attenborough recording his narration from home, the quality of the series remains unaffected. 

“A Perfect Planet” not only showcases the diverse inhabitants of the natural environment but also emphasizes the impact of human activities on nature. The title may suggest an idealized world, but the series maintains a realistic perspective, highlighting the responsibility we have to preserve Earth’s beauty. 

It serves as a powerful reminder that we must ensure the continued magnificence of our planet.

4. Life (2009)

The BBC Natural History Unit’s follow-up series to Planet Earth delves into the intricacies of survival in the animal kingdom. With its skilful approach, the series beautifully showcases the concept of “survival of the fittest” and presents viewers with awe-inspiring high-definition imagery of animals and wildlife, surpassing any previous recordings.

Sir David Attenborough, with his trademark composed narration, serves as the trusted guide, leading the audience on an immersive journey through the lives of a diverse range of creatures, including reptiles, birds, and insects. 

The series goes above and beyond by utilizing miniature HD cameras to capture extraordinary footage of even the smallest insects. In summary, the series thoroughly explores the actions and strategies animals employ to secure their survival and ensure their continued existence.

5. Frozen Planet (2011)

Frozen Planet, directs its attention to the Arctic and Antarctica, shining a spotlight on the pressing matter of climate change. Through its seven episodes, the series delves deep into the catastrophic effects of climate change, with a particular focus on these frigid regions. 

While presenting awe-inspiring imagery of the natural world, Frozen Planet leaves an indelible impression by vividly illustrating the undeniable impact of climate change. Discovery+ has yet to release the final episode, aptly named “On Thin Ice” and featuring the renowned Attenborough, but the preceding episodes already grapple with the uncertain destiny of these icy landscapes.

 The series serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address climate change and its far-reaching consequences, urging viewers to contemplate the future of these fragile and threatened ecosystems.

6. Life Story (2015)

Life Story, a six-episode series broadcasted on Discovery Plus in 2015, follows the lives of various species across different landscapes, capturing their remarkable and perilous journeys from infancy to adulthood. 

From African meerkats on the savannah to humpback whales in the vast ocean, the show meticulously documents the challenges faced by each animal in its natural environment. Meerkats exhibit protective behaviors within their dens to defend against predators, Zebras demonstrate the instinct to safeguard their young during treacherous river crossings teeming with Crocodiles, and jumping Spiders engage in captivating courtship rituals, risking their lives to impress potential mates who may turn into predators themselves if unimpressed.

Through vivid storytelling and stunning cinematography, Life Story provides a captivating exploration of the trials and triumphs encountered by these animals as they navigate the intricate tapestry of life in the natural world.

Wrap Up!

Discovery Plus provides an entertaining selection of documentaries covering a wide range of topics and genres that you can watch in New Zealand by using a reliable VPN service.

Discovery Plus has something for everyone, from breathtaking nature and wildlife programmes that transport viewers to the farthest reaches of the planet to thought-provoking studies of historical events and scientific advances. Moreover, if you binge-watch, it’s important to consume healthy content as Binge-watching is really impactful on your mental Health.

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