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Sprucing up your home can be done in many ways these days and lighting is one way to do it and very popular, even here at home we have soundbars with RGB lighting and so on and some other products such as light bulbs and photos to do it so there is no shortage of options out there, today though we have a simple option that goes behind your TV or desktop and brings a nice effect to your home or workspace and what I like about this LED striplight from GHome is that is is not static and can dance to your voice music or whatever you might be watching or playing on your games console and can be used and set up in a variety of ways to give you the desired effects as seen in the video review below.

It will take about 5 minutes to set up and away you go, download the app and go through the features on board and check out the array of colours and other options you have at your disposal, there is even a small control just to do the basics built in which is also handy for those who want to keep it simple, Overall this is a simple product to use and set up and add some additional effects to your home and can be voice controlled to, check it out below.




  • Smart App_go_sund_Control: Connect to 2.4GHz WIFI download App operation, easily control turn on/off, change color and brightness, personalize multiple lighting modes and scenes with smartphone(Note: Only for 2.4GHz WiFi)
  • Voice Control: The TV LED Light work with Alexa and Google Home. Hands-Free to adjust color, brightness and modes, conveniently control all of TV light strip by simple voice commands
  • Music Sync: The brightness and color of the LED light can be changed simultaneously through the music and sound heard by the TV built-in microphone. Changeable colors and contagious music beats bring ultimate lighting experience
  • 8 Scenes&16 Million Colors: With the scene modes and 16 million rgb colors, change TV backlight strip colors to create custom scene modes for different everyday ambiences

  • Timer& Schedule: Set daily schedule for your LED TV backlight to turn on and off automatically, smart control of lights. With the adhesive tape on the back, can be sticked firmly on the back of 30-60in TV
  • The App can be downloaded by scanning the QR code of the product manual with smartphone. If your router is dual-band, ensure that 2.4G and 5G networks have different network names – SSID


Video review

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