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Portable Vacuum devices are kinda popular these days and we have reviewed some here before on the site and they do a good job and can be used at home or in the car, this model here can be used for both and most geared towards your car in my opinion and it will not be as strong as a convention hoover you would have in your house.

That being said it has enough power to clean up a mess really quickly in a hurry and get the most of it up and is ideal for removing dust from shelves and so on, even more it is great for cleaning you keys on your computer which is where I spend much of my time and it can get grubby with crumbs and other bits of food which is a habit I need to drop but now this little guy is here to save the days o that habit may not change after all..

This is a simple to use and clean product and very portable and is charged with USB-C which is good to see and you get two parts inside the box to get to work straight away, the top simply flips open and you can empty the tray and the job is done without getting your hands dirty, the filter comes in two parts and can also be removed and washed so you can use it again and again though over time it might be an idea to change the inner filter as the outer one prevents big particles getting in and the inside on stops the particles, it is a clever set-up.

You will get about 30 mins use out of it (10 continuous) which is not bad considering its size and it can be stored anywhere, even in your car glove box and can be charged via your own charger inside your car via the cable provided. So for me it is handy to have it and will most likely stay in one of my vehicles here not worried about having to move it into the home either for doing the more delicate dusting jobs.

It is not as quite like most hoovers are and it’s not the loudest either from what I have tested before and in fact quieter than the previous ones reviewed. Overall it is a handy little gadget to have at your disposal and looks great to as when people first seen it here they could not figure out what it was until I revealed the details on the bottom of the box..


  • Vacuum Cleaner 30W
  • Tank capacity: 100 ml
  • Battery: 2000 mAh
  • Washable HEPA filter


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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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