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TOZO is a new brand to the channel and we like new things here and especially earbuds, we test all types size and price so consumers can get a look at what there is out there and what you get for your money and we have had plenty of messages about these new buds over the last while and the usual question is how they sound so we have the answer now and it is not only the sound that is good it is the look and they come in at around 140 euros depending on region.

The presentation was good and it is also nice to see a good presentation as it goes along way when selling a product in my book as you would have seen in the unboxing they come in a nice presentation all round and with great packaging too..

The fit is another question I was asked about and the fit is excellent and with the right tips it will be for anyone else and again I say it all the time that you should check the tips in the box for the best results overall, the block much of the outside world when you get the right tips and then you need to get moving on playing with the app and there you will do a test to get the optimal settings and you are good to go.

They look cool with a very short stem too and garner attention, as I am always out in my local town people are always curious to see what is in my ears and several people asked about these and complimented on the looks which is a good thing and they are sleek looking in Black shiny coated earbuds with the Gold brand lettering.

Next up is the case, again questions asked as not many have seen cases with the charge indicator display which is not new to me and not a new feature on a case but I love it and all earbuds cases should have it present as it looks good and gives you info at a glance for your own peace of mind.

X1 meets the treble to 44.1kHz which higher than the 20kHz that human can hear. It can even restore the ultrasonic sound of dolphins. The Balanced Armature Driver can excellently reproduction high-frequency sounds such as guitar metals, treble cymbal for drums, etc.


The sound. Always the key question from people and of course me as a tester I was curious as to how these would check out after testing and the news is all good here, superb ANC  and more which you will see in the screenshots below and the video review.

The level of customisation to get the right sound is top notch here and audio heads will enjoy the level they go to here and the options at hand, the sound quality for me is excellent and better than I had anticipated here with great bass and much more all round for those who want a top notch audio experience and for your gaming, movies and music you will not be disappointed here and also to note I done some teams and other calls similar and spent quite some time on that aspect and the quality again excellent, even walking down a street in one instance doing a teams chat and it was excellent quality with little or nothing getting in from the outside.

TOZO Golden X1 in case - techbuzzireland

The TOZO Golden X1 is equipped with LDAC technology, which can stream 24bit/96khz music (also known as high- resolution audio music) via Bluetooth at speeds up to 990 kbit/s, which can transmit data more than 3 times compared to the ordinary Bluetooth SBC.

We have no auto play or pause here which is no huge deal we have wireless charging which is great for me and those who have adopted it and have wireless chargers all over the house and speaking of charging and battery longevity we do get around 31 hours with the case which is good, you can fast charge with the USB- Cable or wireless charge.

The App



Overall these are a really fine tuned pair of earbuds and for those who want some more for their money and at an affordable price considering what is on offer with the overall package here. Check out the review and we also check out their app below.



  1. 12mm bass / Midrange dynamic speaker – able to show as low as 12Hz frequency range
  2. Tweeter with Knowles electronic sound solutions – able to show as high as 44.1Hz frequency range
  3. LDAC Sony headphone decoding software – LDAC can transmit high res audio via Bluetooth at a bit rate about 3 times higher than ordinary Bluetooth audio signals
  4. Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certification – for performance in exquisite music quality and original sound reproduction
  5. Acoustic experts – The golden frequency response curves in line with the characteristics of the human ear canal with an original lossless sound effect
  6. ANC and ENC noise cancellation


Video Review

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