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Fairphone is a brand well known for their mobile phones and being able to repair them yourself or the right the repair might be a better way to put this and this company lets you do that all by yourself which other manufacturers should take note of. We had their last phone to review the Fairphone 4 and was quite a hit with us and others and now they have just launched a pair of headphones into the mix and we have been testing these out for some time now and we can tell you how they fair out.

The presentation is top notch and on point as with any product they have on offer with and hints about climate change and sustainability which many manufacturers are now trying to do following the steps of Fairphone. You can read more on that below.

The fit is excellent here and very comfortable to wear and no issues wearing for many hours at a time like I tend to do and it just gets better from there, First up the ANC it is one of the best if not the best I have seen in a long time and you have to try it to believe it, simply nothing gets in from the outside no matter if outdoors or indoors and this for me is great but you can also change them to hear what is going on around you for safety purposes. The sound is excellent too and offers several preset choices to pick from but I would like to see more additions to the app as time goes on within the app but for now it is fine and how they sound is also fine and an excellent audio experience to be had.

I love the control feature on these which is like a small navi key and this is something I would like to see more of instead of buttons and here you do not miss out on any functions either you can still play pause, skip and reverse tracks and adjust the volume with no issues at all.

What is important to note here is being able to fix the headphones yourself just like their phones in the past and this should be taken on board by all manufacturers going forward in my opinion and it just makes like easier for everyone all round.

By introducing Fairbuds XL, Fairphone is applying its market-leading experience in making sustainable, repairable smartphones. The headphones are produced with the same values used to make all Fairphone devices – focus on people and planet. Like all Fairphone devices, the headphones are designed to last. The modular construction and spare parts make them easy to repair, which lets users enjoy and keep their device for longer. Fairbuds XL allow for the replacement of parts that can
wear over time, such as the ear cushions. The long-term use of electronics isn’t only great for the user experience, it also helps reduce their environmental footprint. The headphones are the next step in Fairphone’s journey to develop fair and long-lasting audio devices, after launching its first generation earbuds in 2021.

Eva Gouwens, CEO of Fairphone, comments: “After spending almost 10 years making sustainable smartphones, we are ready to expand our focus and bring sustainability to a new category of audio products. We’re introducing our unique core features – fair materials, improved working conditions, our climate conscious approach and repairability – to the market and raising the bar on impact for people and planet, in the headphone segment. Fairbuds XL are for users who are searching for a sustainable alternative on the market and want to push for change in the electronics industry.”

Fairphone’s focus on people and planet has been its key market differentiator, making Fairphone the market leader in sustainable electronics. Through its dual focus on the social and environmental impact on the supply chain, Fairphone is
setting an example and pushing the industry to act more responsibly.

• Fairbuds XL are among the most sustainably designed headphones on the market. They have Fairtrade gold integrated in the supply chain and are made with vegan leather as well as several recycled materials, such as 100% recycled plastic in all parts it can be used in, 100% recycled aluminium in structural elements such as the headband base and recycled tin. The travel
pouch is made from 100% recycled polyester and nylon.

• Fairphone will pay 0.55 USD per headphone to fill the living wage gap of the production line workers, and is working with the supplier on improving working conditions based on workers’ needs.

• Fairbuds XL are climate-conscious, meaning that Fairphone takes action to reduce the carbon footprint of the Fairbuds XL through longer use, using recycled materials and also investing in carbon reduction projects that lower CO2 emissions while benefiting the surrounding communities. The amount Fairphone invests in these projects equals the left over amount of carbon
emissions created throughout the life-cycle of the headphones after
reduction measures.

According to recent figures, in 2021 alone 548 million headphones were sold and sales volumes have increased since 2013. The electronics industry faces a make use-dispose attitude driven by a business model that encourages short product life cycles, which has caused an electronic waste (e-waste) problem that increases each year. Despite being one of the fastest growing waste streams, only a small fraction of e-waste (17.4%) is actually taken back to be recycled. The electronics industry is
also dealing with a steep demand for minerals needed to make electronics, as well as poor working conditions for millions of people working in mines and factories.

It’s clear that the industry needs to change its practices. With each product launched, Fairphone wants to show how an industry that cares for people and planet could look like in practice. In addition to being climate conscious and fair, the headphones also provide users with superior sound quality, strong bass, warm mids and clear bright highs, delivered by a 40mm dynamic driver and enhanced with state-of-the-art noise cancellation. Two-point bluetooth connection ensures that users switch seamlessly between devices. The headphone’s replaceable battery encourages longevity with a long lasting battery that has a lifetime of up to 30 hours. While being a modular device, the headphones have IP54 certification, meaning they are weather resistant.

The headphones also come with the Fairbuds App, available on Play Store and App Store, which allows users to change the Signature EQ presets (professionally tuned by Sonarworks) and tune the headphones to their preferences. The app will also
give quick access to support such as quick start guides, tutorials, support articles and customer service. It will also ensure longevity by allowing users to update their headphones over time, introduce new features and provide occasional bug-fixes.


Users will also be able to order replacement parts if repairs are needed, as well as learn about the parts that make up the headphones. Fairphone relied on the expertise of Sonarworks, a world-leader in sound calibration, to deliver the signature sound of Fairbuds XL. The company has had its technology used by Grammy-Award winning engineers recording with top artists such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Adele and Coldplay. Fairphone headphones will be available from 11 May on Fairphone’s website and selected partners, at a suggested retail price of €249. The two variants of the device
that will be available: green speckled and black speckled.

Company ethos. 

Superior sound. Sustainably designed.

EASY TO REPAIR – modular design allows you to repair the device yourself with spare parts available in our online store.

FAIR MATERIALS – Fairbuds XL has Fairtrade Gold integrated into its supply chain.. It contains vegan leather in the cushions and headbands

FAIR WORKING CONDITIONS We are extending our living wage and fair labour programs to new suppliers in the audio category.

RECYCLED MATERIALS – We are Innovating where it counts with recycled aluminium, plastic and tin used in our headphones.

LONG LASTING BATTERY – Designed with our dedication to getting the longest battery lifetime possible with a battery life of 30 hours

CLIMATE CONSCIOUS – We take action to reduce the carbon footprint of the Fairbuds XL. through longer use, using recycled materials and also investing in carbon reduction projects that lower CO2 emissions while benefiting the surrounding communities. The amount Fairphone invests in these projects equals the left over amount of carbon emissions created throughout the lifecycle of the headphones after reduction measures


Battery duration: 30h –  800 mAh
ANC: Yes, including ambient sound mode
Spare parts: battery, speaker to speaker cable, earcap covers, headband, ear cushion,
headband base, speaker, headband cover
Bluetooth Range: 10m
Bluetooth & codecs: Bluetooth 5.1 – AAC, SBC, APTX HD
IP Rating: IP54
Weight: 330g
Portability: foldable
Multipoint calling: available
Smart assistant: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri
Connector: USB-C (for charging, digital and analog music)
Driver diameter: 40mm


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