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The ANCwear sports headphones (V7) are a product that we are now seeing more of on the shelf of late and give you a different kind of technology to get your ears around it is not new by any means but the thing to take not of here is the sound is getting better as these do not go into your ears but rest outside them so to speak. I have test many pairs of these over the last year and they are getting better as we go on as expected you would think..These use air- conduction not bone conduction but a similar approach.

These have a simple three button set up and all works really well and simple to use there is no app here to content with so it is connect and play and job done so that also means no EQ to personalise things but these are full of bass but this might not be for everyone but for me a win.

In the video below of course we go through how to use these so you do not have to and it is really simple, the buttons are nicely raised and work well with two on the the top of the earpiece and one on the side offering all the functions you need including voice assistant access skip and reverse tracks higher and lower volume and also call control in which the calls are decent enough.

With these type of headphones you are always aware of your surrounding which is a good thing for those who jog or cycle, for those who commute too but there is some sound leakage on maxxed out volume like all these headphones. With Bluetooth 5.3 on board there was no connection issues and was stable during my testing and not forgetting the IpP67 rating these are really ideal for the outdoors and sports enthusiasts.

The sound is quite good and also a deep bass here with this headset at times there was some distortion maxxed out on volume in certain genres but overall delivered a decent audio experience for what they are and remember they are not the same as earbuds or headphones and we are a while yet before we get near the good quality you would be use to on such but decent enough for me here and done a good good and again it has to be said better than expected and for the cost here to you must take that into account and easy to recommend for such at their cost compared to others in the market.


  • 【HANDSFREE & VOICE ASSISTANT】This bluetooth running headphones can quick access to voice assistants like Siri by double-clicking the multi-function button to run music, navigation and other apps. Allowing you to stay connected without reaching for your phone.
  • 🏆【SAFETY & COMFORT】The design of Open Ear not only allows you to hear and react to surroundings while exercising or driving to protect our safety, but also avoids the discomfort of in-ear headphones, and this waterproof headphones weight only 27g, offering a pain-free comfort for your all-day wearing.
  • 🏃【BORN FOR SPORTS】This sports wireless Headphones offers 8 hours of continuous operation and IP67 waterproof certification, ensuring you enjoy your favorite audio in any exercise scenario. Ergonomic design allows the sweatproof headset stays in place when you use it.
  • 🎧【ULTIMATE SOUND QUALITY】Providing no damage to the original sound, different from the vibration sensation brought by bone conduction headphones, this wireless open ear air conduction headphones features the best listening experience. Offering a clear sound for your whole day listening.
  • ⚡【WIDELY COMPATIBLE & NO DELAY】The conductive headphones with Bluetooth 5.3 is compatible with almost devices, when you find “V7” in your Bluetooth list, then you can easily to connect your phones or iPads in one second. The built-in microphones can achieve low latency whenever you are making calls or playing games.
  • 🔰【HEALTHIER & PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT】Studies have found that increased use of headphones has led to a major increase in the prevalence of hearing loss and the mild hearing loss doubled your dementia risk. So open-ear air conduction headphones are better for you than in-ear buds, which will reduce our risk of hearing damage. Customer experience is always the focus of our work, so each running headphone is tested manually. For those looking for high-quality Bluetooth headphones at a reasonable cost, ANCwear V7 open ear headphones are a good choice. 


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