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Car/vehicle mounts for your phone are a plenty these days and we have covered many here before this one however is slightly different and offers you the full use of your phone when parked up o setting up navigation before you head off on a trip and so on. So what is different you have the benefit or both sa suction cup and a magnet and what this means your device is ultra secure and will not fall off even when you go over a bad bump and it works as we have tried and tested it for some time to make this claim.

Not only that this sits in on your vent and locks into place and there is a ledge on the back of the mount that hooks around your vent so again it will not fall off making it secure here too and again your mount will not fall off nor your smartphone which makes it an ideal piece of kit for anyone vehicle and for me is the most solid one yet to date I have tested and you should check it out..

It also comes with magnets you can place on your device or under the cover so it is not just for iPhones it is for any phone that is totally flat on the back and again a bonus rather than targeting the iPhone like most do these days. Check the video below for what to expect.  I tested this with my Google Pixel 7 and iPhone 14 pro and it just works really well.


  • O-Mag Dual-Lock System] This unique car phone holder has a dual-mounting system with ring of powerful N52 magnets paired with an advanced vacuum suction cup. 3.6 times stronger than regular options! Phone stays securely in place while driving, no matter what.
  • [Quick Attach & Release] Mount your phone instantly thanks to DriveSafe’s snap-on design, while a simple press of a button releases it. All this can be done with one hand for maximum convenience and safety while driving.
  • [Quadruple Locking System] No more worrying about your phone falling off during a bumpy ride. Keeps the mount itself firmly attached to the vent, including a metal hook, silicone pad, rotatable support ring, and adjustment knob.
  • [Compatible With All Devices] The DriveSafe can be attached directly to iPhones 12 and above or to MagSafe cases. All other iOS and Android models become compatible simply by attaching a magnetic ring to the phone (ring included with O-Mag DriveSafe).
  • [Perfect driving setup] With a 360° ball mount, effortlessly adjust your device to the perfect angle for talking, navigating, charging, listening to music, and more. DriveSafe is also designed to fit most vertical and horizontal air vents, while allowing normal ventilation.
  • Meet the Revolutionary O-Mag Dual-Lock Mounting System Magnetic AND vacuum suction mounting for safer, faster, easier attachment.


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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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